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Wishing A Fictional Reality

My prompt is.... if I could meet a fictional character who would it be?  Really just one? To be clear-- I'm going for the original written character - not the person who portrays the character in the show. No doubt they have a way about them that becomes part of that character in your mind.… Continue reading Wishing A Fictional Reality


POST 10 months IC

This post seems fitting as this month is Interstitial Cystitis awareness month.  Most folks have never heard of the disease before. It affects mostly women but isn't limited to ladies. It does seem surreal that it's only been 10 months.  It actually seems a lot longer you know in cat year's kind'a thing. We could… Continue reading POST 10 months IC

Just Life

Prioities and Indecision

I am my own worst problem some days.  I have this strange intense pressure I put on myself to get things done.  I really like to mark things off of a list.  I love to cross calendar days off.  I also like a project and the feeling of success in completion of the commitment. I… Continue reading Prioities and Indecision

Faith · IC

Coping with Chronic Illness and God

Coping with Chronic Illness is a monster all of its own.  Not everyone understands the daily mental struggle that is waging a war in the body. It is so much more than mind over matter.  If you don't mind it doesn't matter- right or does it? So many of the conditions are aggravated by stress… Continue reading Coping with Chronic Illness and God

Book Review

The McNaughton

Book: The McNaughtonAuthor: Genie ClarkPages: 211Genre: clean romanceI have met two published authors both of which live pretty close to me, not that I'm bragging. Meeting a person does give you some incentive to want to read their book.This book was particularly interesting to me because it is based on the County in which I… Continue reading The McNaughton