Incandescently Happy

Dust off the ole British accent and let’s look at a fascinat’in Jane Austen novel.  Pride and Prejudice is a fantastic fiction written about love, lassies, family, fortune, handsome suitors, and just plain ole drama.  I must cough up a confession and tell you I’ve never read the book.  Not even one time, however I have watched every video dramatization on the telly.  I must double dog dare myself to make that a goal this year.  Surely everyone has a favorite character, maybe yours is Miss Elizabeth (Lizy) Bennett, or perhaps it is her quick witted sister Jane.  I can’t fathom having five daughters in today’s society and yet I know many families that do.  My best advice to you is to pray, pray, and pray some more for wisdom.   While the ever so emotional Mrs. Bennet isn’t most people’s favourite representation of Mum, she wants woat all mums want for their young daughters.  She desires for her lassies to marry well, that by definition could be of faith, dosh (fortune), or quality of mate. Mr. Bennett is seemingly overwhelmed with his status and doesn’t appear to embrace the mum’s enthusiasm but more so he is a prisoner of his own reality.  I have two in this complicated variety of daughters; young lassies as different as summer and winter yet they are both seasons alike as sisters.  I too want them to “marry well”.

Photo Credit: C.@cactus_club

How does one acquire a Mr. Darcy, ruggedly handsome, gentlemanly, and amiable? Our favorite period vocabulary word not used in today’s society is amiable. Amiable (ˈāmēəb(ə)l)  means having or displaying a friendly and pleasant manner. Perhaps, I should go shopping for a lad, handing out applications, and hold rigorous interviews. Better still I will get their Pater to fix up an arranged marriage, and trade some land or flock of goats for them.  Probably not a good idea, I want them to still love me when I have blue hair and shuffling feet.  On any given Sunday, how many available lads sit on the Sunday pew, praising our Lord- in our lil country church excluding the little brother? Slim pick ‘ins I can assure you. You would advise perhaps that no young lads present are a product of our local. I would still say it’s a shame that in the heart of the Bible belt there isn’t more manly young lads with conviction of faith, muscle, and brawn.  The lassies could just start missionary dating. Date a few lads to win them to the Lord- then break their heart sending them flailing into a meaningless spiral with commitment issues.

Some of my readers may not follow me here if they are of a different faith.  Baptist are known to have this character trait of being right- and when it comes to Salvation, I am sorry but we are.  The world tells us many things as common knowledge or is it rather a philosophy adopted by run of the mill thinking. Most romantic movies and love stories never focus on a spiritual destination.   Wait, this is 2017, who gets married anymore?  That’s too old fashioned.    In my day, way back when, I had two requests of my future sweetie to be when praying in implorement to the Lord.  1) That he be taller than me. 2) that he be saved.  Ah… a spiritual condition as a dating/marriage requirement.  Woat must I be thinking? I remember vividly sitting next to Hunny in church for the first time.  He wrote on the back of the bulletin and passed it over to me.  It said, “Are you saved?”  I replied yes.  It is as big of a question as the marriage proposal itself.  As Christians we aren’t to be “unequally yoked”.  Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?(II Corinthians 6:14)  That’s hard to swallow.  God doesn’t want us to marry or be in a relationship with a non -Christian.  That certainly limits the field, sea, or arena.

Photo credit Ellen G. White

Disney’s moral to the story could get us into trouble too.  For example, “Follow you heart”.  A movie story and tale all surmised at the end with the synopsis of letting your heart lead despite what your brain and common sense could be urging. Woops, the bible says the Heart is deceitfully wicked.   The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? (Jerimiah 17:9) Then woat  the heck are you supposed to follow if you can’t follow your own organs? God of course, if you kept reading on in that passage it said that God tries man’s heart.  He looks to see if he’s good.  I the Lord search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings. (Jerimiah 17:10)

This is not Longbourn in the 1800’s and I can’t fix up my princess’ with Mr. Darcy or the very eligible Bingley. I certainly don’t want them to bring home someone “barely tolerable”.  We are in hopes that they’ll bring home someone “perfectly normal.” I have learned that definition is only in the confines of one’s own perfectly imperfect family tree.  In a world of Mr. Wickham’s or less of quality, lassies do have a challenge furthermore, so do her parents.   We have begun to seem like the Adam’s family of Christian oddities. Moral to this story, “don’t rely on your ticker for directions for such an important decision.”   If you wanna know that a mate is pure, honest, and true adopt the FROG theory.  Fully Rely On God. I told one of my lassies recently that I was gonna make a t shirt that says “Just say NO to kissing frogs.” No more frogs!  Instead, Fully Rely on God!  That’s the only frog you need in your life; while you are praying, serving, and living.   Pray without ceasing (I Thessalonians 5:17)   Make your thoughts captive to the Lord.  If you are looking to the Lord, and he knows the heart of said suitor, and you take your lead from Him- and look for that peace that passeth all understanding.  (Philippians 4:7)