hamish (hey-mish)

You could count on it every day driving home in the puddle jumper from town; my little kids would ask, “Mom, where are we going?”  And every time I’d answer, “home”, they would commence to grumble and grump under their breath.   So, I applied a new tactic; when they would press for our destination, instead of answering directly, I took to spelling out the word… H   O   M   E.  That would suffice their lil minds until we pulled into the driveway; their grump was gone.  They thought we were going somewhere exciting.  And the truth is, we were, and we did go somewhere exciting.

My favorite place I venture to say in the whole wide world is going to be just plain ole home.  Home is the place you kick your shoes off and put comfy house clothes on.  It’s not just a place for hanging your hat and taking off your muddy boots. It’s where you bun it and get busy. It’s where you roll up your sleeves and chop wood or sit by the baby bon fire.   My cottage with axles and no wheels has my favorite people that hang around here. They come and go, laugh & cry, sleep & eat.   Our habitation has all my favorite things, pictures, memories, moments, and vast penniless treasure. La Casa is a safe place where future babies will take their first steps and play in the sand. After a long day our house welcomes us with that warm snug familiar smell of the firewood and essential oils.  It’s the place of holiday cooking and yummies in the kitchen.  Home has my favorite mug with hot herbal tea or coffee year round and a mason jar of ice tea in the summer. Home means free haircuts, foot rubs for $, and unlimited toe licking from the dog. The house has the best card games, dominoes, chess,  westerns, and puzzles to be pieced.  The home place is where I charge my cell phone; wash my clothes, think up blogs, and an awesome place to take naps.  Our ville is where the furry companion surfs on the ironing board eagerly awaiting my return.

Photo Credit: Lena Easterling

When you turn into the drive way I immediately relax ‘cause I’ve arrived at our humble home.  Home is a country place where kiddo’s can explore the great wide woods discovering trails and climbing trees.  Acreage, to play hide and horse seek or pretend to be a world class show jumper in the clearing. It has a built in shooting range and critters to hunt.  There are acres for stretching one legs and enthusiasm. Home has perfect summer BBQ’s and the purest natural well water in the county.  It’s accented with a spring fed creek that runs traversing the property staged perfectly for stock and kids entertainment.  The quiet is captivating and the stars at night are majestic.

Photo Credit: Catie Easterling

It’s also the place of perpetual laundry and never ending dishes left by the fairies. Our ocean front property is missing the water and has double the sand. The land plots again me with holes that dig themselves, leaky faucets, and bills to pay.  There is always something to be done no matter what level of labor you seek.  It’s not limited to all inside pleasure there is pasture to mow, weeds to pull, piles to burn, dogs to bathe, house to repair, and fence to mend.

Open your eyes dreamy star eyed city girl.  For all the cons they just can’t and won’t outweigh the simpleness and hominess of home.  The place of my dwelling is not where my mail comes but where family’s love gathers. It’s a place where dreams are pondered and goals are planned.  The battery is recharged and the tanks are refilled.  It’s where the chicks come home to roost and the hammock in the shade has been taken over by guineas. It’s where the goats eat the petunias and the horses fertilize the front yard. The cat schemes against the dogs and steals the green kibbles.

Photo Credit: Lena Easterling

HOME as defined by a Facebook community:

Home is where I can be myself with the ones I love the most. It is a feeling more than a place.

Safety, Comfort, Love

Where ever were at. As long as we’re all together its home

Bed, food, paradise



A big sand box with a bunch of dead trees around it.

Where my Hubby is at.


It matters not the shape and size of your ville, whether it’s found in the city or among sandy sticks.  You make your ville you! Home is most certainly what you make it.  It’s an investment of your time and effort into your family. Appreciate the Home that God has certainly blessed you with.

Haimish – ADJ.  Yiddish. Homey, cozy, unpretentious

Unpretentious-   not attempting to impress others with an appearance of greater importance, talent, or culture than is actually possessed. of a place, pleasantly simple and functional; modest, humble, unostentatious, unsophisticated, folksy, no-frills, unaffected, modest, unassuming, without airs, natural, straightforward, open, honest, sincere, frank, ingenuous, unpresuming, unshowy, unflashy.        – Google Dictionary

Sounds like home is haimish to me,

~Lena                                                         February 4, 2017

Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.  (Proverbs 14:1)

To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed. (Titus 2:5)


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