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This is quite a personal post from the heart and yet it is to divine not to share.  Last month on a Sunday, I had the most a most humbling, wondrous day. This day was like no other- a real turning point for me.  I’d been struggling to emerge from beneath this thundercloud stalled over my head.  In my quest to search for knowledge; I’d hit fact overload frazzlement.   My I C condition is spurred by not just food intolerance’s but stressful situations. My last week was very blazey….  I managed only the most basic of life mommy chores, dishes, laundry,and cooking a few meals here and there.  I was just here existing in the recliner most of the day.  Napping half of the day away.

God softly began to work. Working behind the scenes a brother in faith gathered the core men in our congregation. As they do each Lords Day they grouped together to ask the Lords blessing and leadership in the service.  They took on a special burden to pray for me. Me- plain ole me, simple, nothing special, no talent me.  They invited me into the inner circle of their prayer closet to have hands laid upon me for heavenly intervention.  The honor, thoughtfulness, and humbleness I felt was most moving and comforting. I cried like a blubbering idiot.  Red faced, make up less, and having hit rock bottom with this diagnosis- exhausted from a week of pain fighting- I had nothing to do but received their prayers and love.


After such a moving experience, My father in law hugged me as he would his own daughter such as he’s never done before.  I wanted to fall apart in that moment.  My father is gone home to eternity and my mother has not the ability to sympathize.  My father in law is the only earthly father I have left. Such a blessing in an action of no words. I was rendered speechless and as mushy as soggy potatoes.

The service began with singing and when on with more prayer mentioned  from within the congregation.  I felt so weak and yet struggling with immense pain in my pelvic floor. I sat there and wept during the service. Emptying a box of tissues I feel I must toughen up – some how and put this inconvenience of pain on a shelf somewhere.  The sermon was timely with reassuring word from the Lord’s prayer. Such a simple prayer- we forget it was given to us as the perfect example.  Maybe that’s what we should say when we don’t know what to convey.

                          “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37

The invitation time came.  Bug, my oldest, left her seat to get her brother and sister.  The three of them went to the altar to pray.  Oh, the tears again.  I didn’t know their plight of prayer at that moment.  But to see my three kids together, arms in hand, prayer and pleading together is almost so much more than I can cope.  Don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean it in a bad way.  More of the raw emotion spewing forth.  Hunny was even in tears.  The spirit of God is real and he works in our hearts and lives- if we just let him.


I managed to eat some lunch with the family.  Grandma purposed a special chef salad.  It was good.  We came home directly after as I could not wait to get home and relax. The happy stress and genuinely intended has done it’s do.   I changed clothes, crawled in my chair, covered snuggly with the new lap blanket my bug bought for me.  I drifted off to sleep.  I slept for 3 and half hours heavy.  I had been so tense- not meaning to be.

God has so greatly blessed me. I didn’t rightly know how this would unfold.  I do know that whatever happens it will be OK.  Whatever the outcome.  God has not forgot me or my family.

I have been to see my doc.  She is most pleased with our progress.  I am still having bad days.  Occasionally I need to slow down and watch the chickens peck the ground more or observe the blooms on the tree.   The number of good days are beginning to outnumber the bad. For that I am thankful.

You could chalk it off and say well you just finally got the food figured out- or it’s a coincidence.  You might be right.  A) I don’t believe in coincidence- I believe in Blessing.  God has given me the strength to walk this path.  B) With God, anything is possible.  I Am an overcomer!

Psalms 107:1 – O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.

Livin in true Grace,

– Lena






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  1. Celina, l am speechless. Can’t say how you feel & hurt. I’ve heard of the problem but that is all. My prayers that your doctor is able to help you .. Sending my love & prayers. Aunt Martha.

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