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five clues you are getting older

Our childhood is now nostalgic history and forever lives in our memory. Naturally, if you need something to jog your memory Pinterest has oddles of pins to reminisce from back when.  The teen years of big hair, rock ballads, and real country music are forever remembered as the good ole days.  The twenties are a blur of doctor visits, never enough pampers, and epic sleep deprivation. The thirties were the era of elementary homeschool days, rodeos,museums,and the taming of our little corner of east Texas wild country.  We are looking at the 40’s now.  Teenagers  are on the way out and we find that our conversation has changed a bit over the years.  I found five things that are sure clue you’ve entered another age bracket in life.- In case you hadn’t noticed. 🙂

#5)  Slang can make you angry..So yeah, the kids say more than the darnedest things now. It’s not always cute or respectful.  I have trouble keeping up with what means what. When my kids where young they’d say a new word they thought was cute… I’d ask them what it meant.  If they couldn’t define it- they were not allowed to use it.  More recently feeling smarty one evening I popped off, to the kids – “do the dishes- How bout dat?” My eldest said, “Mom, do you know what that’s from?” No, not directly- I’d been seeing it on social media. She said firmly, “sit down and watch this – so you know.” (( I just got schooled by the child.-  :0)  Love that.  BTW))  So,apparently there are rebellious kids gaining popularity by acting insanely disrespectful. Some way they missed those important child training years. Their ignorance has become the butt of everyday house hold jokes for some and terrible inspiration for impressionable littles.

#4) They start to discontinue your brands… clothes, make up. I’ve always been so flexible in reference to brands and products.  The older we get the less we like surprise.  I have a particular brand of peanut butter we buy.  If they don’t have it – we don’t buy it.  Coffee, TP,  chocolate, deodorant, tooth paste,and laundry soap, even .   One company I buy from recently discontinued my foundation.  UHg…It just gets worse from there.  I’ve had to give up blue jeans because of my I C.  I was born wearing blue jeans. I always thought I’d be one hot great -granny in my blue jeans. Alas, the pain isn’t worth it, so beckons the new quest.

#3) Do you compare health notes and wellness tips? If you are fortunate you have a friend that you can bounce health tricks, vitamins, and health information off of. For example- Pinterest may say that the turmeric chews are good tasting, easy to make, and relieve pain. But that doesn’t mean they are actually palatable.   They may be good for you and actually relieve pain with a horrid taste. Can I just say that having a friend who temps the inner guinea pig in you is a real asset as a partner in crime.  Trading secrets and info on essential oils, vitamins, and even the names of doctors that value the same things as you.


#2) People our age are beginning to have major health problems –even the “C” word.   The circumference of people around me that have some sort of every day chronic illness or auto immune issue is becoming quite alarming.  Everyone knows someone who has had, currently has, or has left this life due to cancer.   Cancer runs rampant in my family- touching my brother, father, grandmother, grandfather all one one side. Yeah it’s not something to dwell on-but it’s always a concern in the back of your mind.

#1) You are discussing how you need to go shopping for plots.. burial plots not a place to plant flowers in your yard. Having been involved in two funerals over the past couple years I can tell you the whole process is expensive and quite stressful.  The first round of decision making I was in a daze and they had me.  The second round I wasn’t in charge but wasn’t quite as foggy headed and would have been more curt with options.  Those small land packages are pricy at the last minute.  They are still high when you plan ahead but maybe not as traumatic. What about that box?  Have you priced those?  I have friend who said she was gonna order an ole wooden version online and put in her barn- so it’s all ready for the kids. That’s planning ahead and that’s one less thing for the kids to fight about.


No matter where you put your plot, when you get there, or if you fought tooth and toenail to prevent your arrival- there are some things in life that are inevitable. You should leave a legacy.  Love your family- send more emoji’s- have more special dinners at home- spend time with them. They will be the ones to write the epitaph on your headstone and you don’t want it to read..                             “She died- how bout dat! ”

Embracing the gray,     ~Lena

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. (Proverbs 17:22)





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  1. That’s some very interesting things to think about but you are so correct. Knowing Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior… the thought of death doesn’t really plague me that much anymore. I seem to have more issues with the “living” part these days. Muscles hurt, joints make noises they shouldn’t, body parts go numb and tingly, paying the bills gets harder, good jobs get scarcer, “fun” seems fewer and further in between, having “friends” seems to have gone by the wayside, and the conversations about last wills and testaments seem to come about more often. I often think about the words of Augustus McCrae in Lonesome Dove “get busy living, or get busy dying.” As of right now… I’m still pondering on what it means to live. It has to be more than existing and barely getting by. But I’m still searching…

    Your friend,


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