Air Drop- Special Delivery

Farmgirl Diaries Entry Spring 2017

It has been some time since I’ve had anything Farm-girlish to write.  Then all at once I run aground and tried to do everything I haven’t done in years all in one day.   My Hunny has been working to clear our place of the thickets and pines.  When we first moved here to our palace in the pines; we had an just an axe, machete, and a small lawn mower.  Neither of those get you very far in the piney woods of East Texas where the native yaupon is considered to be a weed.  Seeing that we needed some bigger equipment to lend a hand, Hunny did some mechanic work for a guy.  In return, he came out with a track hoe and cleared about 4 acres in a fraction of the time.  That was instantly amazing.  We had a natural breeze across the property that we’d not felt before. It can be stifling in the pines.  We’ve been here over ten years now and just got busy on clearing some more of the property.   We’d got the pines and some of the other hard woods timbered.  We kept the oaks but the process left us with some considerable cleanup.

Again the work is more than a chainsaw and wheel barrel can handle.  We’d toiled over purchasing a tractor or renting a piece of equipment. Neither option was panning out.  We had no peace or backing in any direction we tried.  We tabled the whole matter. With winter closing to an end and the overwhelming sight of those fire hazards were wearing thin on Hunny’s mind. I humorously said to him, “It’s not like God’s gonna air drop a dozer in here for you. That’s an expensive piece of equipment- and people don’t just loan them.”

One Saturday I heard a racket outside.  Still in my gown, I asked son to go see what was the matter?  There was a man unloading a dozer.  What the heck? We’d prayed about the situation- but was totally shocked when it happened. So, it wasn’t an air drop- it came on a trailer-Minor detail.  It turns out that Hunny knows this guy and his dozer is for sale.  We’d helped him out of a jam a while back with the timber.  He had said we can use it to clean up our place.  Wow- what providence!  God is amazing! I give God all the credit.  Hunny ran it and gave son a fifteen minute lesson and set him off.  Son has been on it every day burning brush and roaching up piles. The place is transforming before our eyes.



Isaiah 41:10 – Fear thou not; for I [am] with thee: be not dismayed; for I [am] thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

While the smoke has been curing us all; I was seeding our baby plants for aquaponics.  I bought this fancy planter for Hunny several years ago.  He’d not used it, so I drug it out with dirt and set to it.  I tore off the wrapper and used it as kindling for my baby bon fire in the front yard to eliminate some limbs and small debris.  I removed the lid from the planter and there was this little brown ball in there very much like the shape of tiny hay bales.  They were kinda cute. Wonder what those are for?  I can’t look at the paper cause – oops, I burned it.  I laid them flat in the trays and filled each lil hole with organic soil.  I found my seeds, planted them, labeled the rows, and took a pic to send to my buddy.  Onward I go, planting the baby roses I got for my birthday and fertilizing the Autumn Maple tree, and poisoning the ants with grits.  I’m rocking it now; picking up trash, burning, organizing, washing the front deck, yeah- getting it done.   I walk by the seedlings and they are rising like little chocolate cakes.  I did what anyone would do, I smushed them back into their pots. How dare they try to emerge- that’s unheard of.    They looked terrible and it didn’t seem to stop there.  A while later I passed by and they just kept rising.  So the little hay bales expand with water… hmm. Ok… I got a butter knife and scraped each individual pot into my hand recovering the seed and replanting it.

Feeling sure that that fixed the problem I moved on laughing at myself.  The next day it was as before.  I hadn’t done a thing.  And this time it had pushed the seeds out.  They were on the top. I replanted those seeds five times!  Hunny said, enough already- pour it out and start over.


“Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name; worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.”Psalm 29:2

Moral to this diary….First, It felt good to get out and walk bare footed on some cold winter grass.  I think the days sun was good for me and was a physical blessing.  Second, God cares about us.  He truly does.  It can be humbling to realize that in his busy schedule of being Mr. Omnipresent he has time to take care of lil ole us- way over here.  When I know there are Christians facing real persecution.  That’s just the kinda God he is.  And  if you’ve not figured it out- this blog will point back to him every time.  I write cause he’s blessed me to do so.  I must give him the glory.

Living Humble,