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Lost Art

Have you ever looked into the mirror and seen your mother or grandmother?   Actually for me it was just a brief glance, a catch of the eye reflection in my cell phone when I was face timing my daughter. For a brief second in the little window I saw my great Aunt Chris.  My grandmother’s older sister was staring back at me.  It was a brief moment where I saw wire rimed round glasses, pale skin, reddened cheeks- oh dear.  I love my grands, all of them and what they represent, have seen, and lived through.


Not only did seeing that reflection startle me but set me to thinking about the how life travels so quickly.  Just in my life span we’ve lived through vast technology changes.  Cell phones and computers probably are pretty close to the top of that list.  They were dinosaurs of their day and rare oddities that are now a plaguing normality in our everyday life. Don’t go throwing rotten fruit at me just yet.  I like my conveniences too- don’t get me wrong.  Life was so SIMPLE- back when.  Will our kids say the same of their technology advanced childhood? Will they know how to dig for information if it doesn’t pop up on google.

“The days are long, but the years are short.” – Gretchen Rubin

How many things have come and gone; practically phased out that our kids will never know about?  Land lines…being attached to the phone, forced to sit among the family for the duration and privilege of a short telephone call.

I had an old walkman that got packed away from my teen years.  It wasn’t just a radio it had a tape player also.  My kids found it and hadn’t a clue how to work it.  The player ate the tape and they instantly said, “Mom it’s ruined”.  I showed them the old pencil trick to winding the tape backup.  Good as new.  Wow, they thought I was a genius.

I bought a record player- found some used records at a resale shop and gifted them to my kids for Christmas.  They were completely memorized.  My bug, the music guru, videoed the record going in circles making music with her cell phone.  The only thing they don’t like is the limited number of songs and how often you have to change the record. 🙂

I wonder how many of our other practices, traditions, and things we do today will be a lost art in 20 years.  It may even be shorter than that.

How many kids know what a sifter is or a pastry cutter?

How many adults can make a pie crust or biscuits from scratch?

Could you make coffee without the electric coffee maker?

How to iron a man’s dress shirt?

How to count back change?

How to use a telephone book?

How to pen a letter?

How to use a card catalog?

Who knows what ear screws are?

The agony of waiting to get film developed?

Preserving Meat? Smoking Meat?

What about Blacksmithing?

Washing clothes by hand?

How about Lashing?  Nope not talking about a whipping..

How about a full service gas station? My grandparents owned one off of the interstate.  Hunny and I have talked about how awesomely- nostalgic it would be to offer that again! Especially in our lil town- lil ole ladies would just love that! 🙂


How about a merry go round?  Do they even exist anymore? For sure, anyone who’s never flown off of a merry go round at top speed- doesn’t truly appreciate the scientific nature of the spinning beast that shows no mercy for its screaming projectiles.

I don’t wanna send us back to the Wild West.  I very much like my modern conveniences.  Maybe some of these lost arts would make an unique elective for a homeschooling family or a project for family time.  You just never know when those skills could come in handy. It can be pretty awesome to know how to do something no one else can. Learn something new today!  Just some random thoughts to ponder on.

In my writing season,


To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: Ecclesiastes 3:1




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  1. Oh Celina! I love this one because it got me thinking 🙂 A few years ago, the boys had a friend over and were watching TV. They put in an I Love Lucy dvd and their friend thought our TV was broken because there was no color. So many things that the next generation are missing out on….so many GOOD things. Thank you for the reminders!


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