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five things i hate

Hate is such a strong word, malicious even. Hate means to dislike greatly.   I try not to use the word too often or loosely so that I don’t get in that habit of a negative vocabulary.  However, I have pondered on just five things that I hate to do.  Not people that I hate but Things  that I dislike greatly.

5)  Dust- I was the “cleaning lady” for many years!  I made my nickels and dimes cleaning up others people’s messes. For that reasoning I should be an expert, a fast, deliberate ball of fire dusting whirl wind.  I just really don’t like dusting even when I got paid to do it. I have eliminated a ton of nick knacks and love end table tablecloths.   I wonder if they had dust in the Garden of Eden.  Eve and I – we need some girl talk!

4) Bathing the dog- this always turns into the dog bathing me.  Squatting, bending, and holding her from bolting will always have me whooped by the end.  And when I’m not looking she wants to roll in the sand outside…. Grrr…..

She knew what was fixing to happen and was not happy.

3)  Straggling dishes-  I will spend an hour or more washing dishes the old way, no modern dish washer here. I will wash every glass, pot, and pan by hand.  Some of them seemingly not even dirty.  I’m finished finally with aching feet and a groaning bladder.  The water is gone, the counter is wiped, and the area is clean.  A child decides that is the opportune moment to empty their room of dirty drinking vessels.  As they put them on the clean counter next to the sink- they say- “Mom- oh, you don’t have to wash these.”

2)  Picking up dirty socks and underwear- the kids leave clothes lying around sometimes just within inches of a laundry basket.  Occasionally, it looks like they were raptured right out of the underwear. If you hadn’t seen them emerge from the steamy sauna bathroom- you would really wonder.   Really, why else would they leave them so perfectly laid on the floor like they jumped out of them?  I have this silly rule.  If they put their clothes in the laundry room- I’ll wash them.  Yep, that’s it.  I guess that’s too hard.

1)Clean poo of my feet or shoes… dog poo, chicken poo, really any kind of poo. I love to go out bare footed most everywhere- especially on the grass in my front yard.  If I go out beyond my small triangle of yard and step in the wonder poo – that’s my bad.  If I step in it on my front porch… uhm – they’ve signed their death warrant. The two legged walking fertilizers have free roam of the land- all 12 + acres of it.  If you gave them sharp teeth and little arms- they’d kind of look like a t-Rex. I bet they are distant cousins.   HAHA…

 – Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: (Psalms 103:2)

Being a Mom is all about doing those things we just don’t like to do even for us Mom’s that have a few extra life challenges.  I hope the list of things you hate to do is a small list. Thank God for those kids with multiplying socks, critters that keep you company, and a home to enjoy. As you go about life in your little ville- look for your blessings and watch out for the poo.



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  1. Yes! Those are good ones. My number 1 would be packing. Whether it be for a weekend or a week or a move. I really hate packing!

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