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It’s just a Cold!

Welcome Spring,

The pollen deposit has been exponential this year.  The green grass and trees are quite enchanting with varying hues of the green growth.  Spring is everyone’s favorite time of the year- except me. 🙂  I’m a fall gal personally.  Yes, the weather is lovely and a bit bipolar in Texas. And if you like pairing jackets and shorts on the same day it’s perfect for you.  The wind is voracious blowing all that fresh pollen everywhere.


I think that my head is beginning to emerge above the water.  I feel as though I’ve been treading steadily and getting nowhere.  More than a week ago, Hunny buns came home sick from work and occupied the recliner for a day.  This is pretty significant, because I think that’s the first “sick” day he’s taken in many years.  So many years I can’t remember the last sick day.  He’s got the stuffy head, sneezy, runny, sore throat, fever, and the whole inflated head shebang.  I faithfully tended my snotty, feverish hero.  A hot tea buffet, Vicks feet rub, medicine round the clock, never empty water cup, and homemade chicken soup was on the menu.  I think that’s some gold medal honor stuff right there.    Jk.

Exactly a week later guess who started feeling sick?  No guesses, right…  Yep . ME!  I was already battling the rearing of an IC flare.  What’s that about?  Hormones rage defiantly and once a month the flare is inevitable no matter what I eat or medicine I take.  Feeling crippled from that blow, the sinus pressure whelms in my head.  I check to see what possible medicines I can take. My doc says that I can take V-d3- 40,000 IU for three days only as an immune system kick in the pants.  It really works. As far as cold medicines, I can take Benadryl or Claritin at night so I can breathe to sleep.  But, holy moly that’s about it.  I’ve been drinking buckets of water. I’ve used two boxes of Kleenex- thinking I really should invest in that one.  Essential oils I can have, I’ve used Ravintsara and RC alternately on the pressure areas of my temples, bridge of my nose, glands, and back of the neck.  I’ve been diffusing Eucalyptus Globulous & Raven during the day and German chamomile with Cedarwood at night for sleep.

I can’t say I’ve gotten much done this week.  I’ve slept a bunch, washed a bit of laundry, and I think I’ve cooked one super.  It’s a good thing they can’t fire me.  I’d done had my pink slip and boot in the rear.

Having a chronic illness and then getting sick on top of that has stopped this hamster smooth in her already slow motion tracks.  With lots of rest- I mean a ton of rest- so much rest I was tired of sleeping I did get over the sickness.  The following Monday my girls came down with it also same symptoms and troubles. Everyone kept saying it was just a cold- but it ran through us like a virus lasting 7 days.

We are well over this hurdle and can I say I am so glad.  Summer will be here way before we are ready.  Thank goodness for buying in tissues in bulk.



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  1. Oh Celina! I’m so sorry to hear that y’all have had the sickness! I hope all are well now and back at it. Funny how any sinus problem is now considered a cold……I hear that so often to explain away a multitude of symptoms. Any way you look at it, they are never fun. 🙂

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