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Recommended Reads

One of my writing prompts that come up was to share five books that everyone one should read.  Wow, so, much to your surprise- I’ve never been much of a reader.  I was in remedial reading as a child and learned sight reading.  I’m not sure if that was my hiccup with it for so many years.  The flow of words to my comprehending brain was damned up somewhere. The physical distance between the eye and the brain department  is a short  jog down the hallway.  For me it might as well have been the width of Texas.  Reading was a useless task that was as painful for me as the adult instructing me. Once I learned to write however- that was amazing.  I loved the feel of the pencil in my hands with crisp clean paper with no folds.  I quickly learned that if I wrote it – I was more likely to remember it.

There have been a few books over the years I have read and that I really appreciate.  Not everyone will share these sentiments- and that’s perfectly OK.

Love Comes Softly Series by Jannette Oke -Some folks feel these are dry.  I enjoyed them immensely.  It was the first set of fiction books that I’d ever read.  I stayed up all night reading them.  I own the whole set and even have The Prairie Legacy.  The movies are enjoyable but stray from the book.


Glory – Brides of the West Series by Lori Copeland -Even now, I don’t read for fun as often as I should. I do follow some bloggers and read their happenings on a daily basis.  This book was the most recent fiction I read, It was a delight and super-duper funny. You don’t have to read the whole set to pick Glory.  She is independent and delightful with radiant energy.


The Light and the Glory by by Peter Marshall, David Manuel and Anna Wilson Fishel–       I said before that I wasn’t much of a reader in school.  When in school I memorized to the test, read very little, and learned even less.  I didn’t read any of the books my senior  year.  My good friend, quizzed me to memorize to pass the tests.  This book is one that I read to my kiddos in their grade school years.  It’s the TRUE story of how America came to be.  It about how God orchestrated the founding of our nation.  It’s an easy read- and was captivating to me and the kids. It’s a great addition to a homeschool library.


Created to be his Help Meet by Debi Pearl. This book changed my life.  It changed my thinking and gave me such peace and perspective as a Godly wife.  It didn’t at first.  This book can be quite convicting on the soul and that can be hard to stomach.  I’ve read it through several times gleaning something I missed each time before.  I know now that I have such peace as a daughter of the King, Wife, and Mom.  If you wanna be blessed from God- I dare you to read this one!

Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. (Proverbs 3:13)

The Bible- King James Version- so if you sat down having never read this book before it could be intimidating and overwhelming.  I would say to you- to preserver.  Don’t let its 12th grade reading level scare you away.  The word of God is living and he will impart understanding, maybe not immediately- but through some stubborn determination and the will to want to understand- he will bless the reading of his words.  This book will not just change your life but has the power to change the home for your soul.  I double dog dare you!

Visit a library- yes, they still have those!