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Coffee Cup List

I think it was a movie that made the whole bucket list phenomenon a thing.  The literal listing of your to do wish list to extremes before ones final trip to glory.  There are Pinterest board to support the dreamy ideals and blogs to read.

I am a true listing person.  I have a list for groceries, things to do, chores for son, homeschool, and the list of lists goes on. .  . 🙂

Dreams are a good thing.  Hope is born from dreamy aspirations.  I tend to keep my feet firmly on the ground and not so much in the clouds. IC has given me a different perspective on life.  Life has a renewed value in the precious time and in the family departments.

My bucket list isn’t so long. It’s really more of a coffee cup rather than a bucket.  I know that God has blessed me liberally and indeed I am content.  If our Father calls me home tomorrow, I shall go with determination, delight, but also heavy hearted  for the loves I would miss.


But, if by chance I had a few things to wish upon a star for I might begin filling my cup with these:

  • Own a cozy camper for two. Not new but unique to our own antiqueness.  Personal amenities, warm curtains, linens, and flare free food in the frig.  – So we can take out and just go with all the comforts of home!


  • Owning and operating a vintage movie theater. There is one in our lil town.  I wonder how it would do- to own a working movie theater. Vintage is the brand, theme, and way.  Showing family films old and a few new. Offering special day matinees for families of all ages, popcorn and peanuts.  Weekend showings for teens and adults.  Oh the possibilities.


  • See more of TEXAS. The great state of TEXAS is my home and I’ve not seen it all.  I‘d love to go further south and west.  I want to see the lavender fields in bloom and the wild flowers in Gillespie County where my people are from.


  • Publish a book. I do want to write one- and I’ve started one.  Fiction is different than blogging real life.


  • Go to Bavaria, Germany- I’ve seen pictures of castles and beautiful mountains. In a peaceful world I’d love to go see Europe and all its attractions.


  • See my children marry the love of their life and begin families.  I want to see them grow in the Lord- in his love and in service to him.  It’s what life is all about!


Fill’in up my Cup!



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