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Perks of an Introvert

Personality identification was all the rage a while back with the kids.  A Mom can certainly identify her child and tell you what kind of personality he/she has.  The kids weren’t relying on ole Mom for their diagnosis- they wanted an unbiased scientific test to draw their conclusions.

If you have no idea what personality you are by now- they have quizzes on Pinterest and Google to investigate this phenomenon. It’s completely harmless and quite painless.   I‘ve known for years that people have differing qualities- work with teens long enough you’ll start to see differences.  Also, you notice what types of personalities naturally attract to others.  Adults are a bit better at blending their personality- having learned over the years- how to turn on a voice.  I used to always wonder why my Mom sounded so nice on the phone until she realized it was just me on the other end.


I’m not nor have I ever been a social butterfly.  I’m more like a speechless bovine, not knowing what to say until later, after I’ve had time to chew on it.   I suppose maybe that’s why writing works for me.  Over the years I’ve felt very self-conscious of my lack of social conversation efforts.  Really struggling to be what people expected in public- which was always a stretch of my personality- feeling like I’m not myself at all!

Everyone was taking the test and discovering their persona.  Well, woopty doo, I don’t need a test to define me.  So guess what? Yeah, I took the test.  Let’s be clear right off, just because the test said that I am (fill in the blank) doesn’t mean that I have to be defined by the chart of characteristics. You are still very much uniquely you made my God and shaped by your own experiences.

I will say that it was liberating in some areas.  To know that God did make out going people, active people, quiet people, and thinking people and not everyone exhibits all of the traits was indeed freeing- in a good way.   From the Myers Briggs test I took, I am an ISFJ, Introvert, Sensor, Feeler, and Judger.  Here is the link if know you are now curious of what it would say about you.  It takes about 8 minutes or so of just answering questions by agreeing or disagreeing..

Obviously, I’m only dealing with the Introvert perks.  Many of the traits I used to feel guilty about or insufficient in are actually characteristics that I was born with and are not a genetic or personality flaw.

  • I enjoy quiet time! I always have.  Someone said after the kids are out of the house I wouldn’t enjoy it so much.  EE… I don’t know about that.
  • I know just what to do with my spare time! Blogging, reading, napping, and if all else fails cleaning.
  • I enjoy being at home!
  • There is never a debate what to eat. I am quite decisive on my own and have no trouble deciding.
  • I like to focus on one thing at a time- one project at a time.
  • I tend to listen more than I talk.
  • I think inside my head.
  • I prefer written communication.
  • I tend to be very cautious.
  • I do like to talk about my interests.
  • I’ve had people tell me I am old beyond my years- since I was a teenager.

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you;                     (I Thessalonians 4:11)

Those things that make me uniquely me can be misunderstood by others.  Some days the perks aren’t so perky and seem more like disadvantages.  Those things are quite positive to me.  To every good thing there seems to always be a bad.

  • I can get lost in thinking while sitting among people- people have misconstrued this and think I am mad at them.
  • I’m not a conversationalist or debater.
  • Sometimes I am so relaxed- like at the beauty shop- I just tune everyone out and hear nothing.
  • Because I don’t speak to them – I must not like them.
  • I don’t do small talk well. I don’t chat it up at the DMV, Doctors office, or the Dentist office.
  • I say what I mean- sometimes comes out harsh- I have regretted… (My step father used to say one day your mouth is gonna overload you’re A**.)
  • Don’t like to use the phone- you know talking- voice calls.
  • I can be over cautious- like when we went to Cozumel, I was afraid to go too far from the ship.
  • I am not spontaneous.
  • I don’t complain to the waitresses or like to make a scene.
  • For some being an introvert can cause real stress in public leading to anxiety. 😦

It’s really ok.  I C has been a curse and a blessing.  *Upcoming blog on these thoughts… How can a disease be a blessing?  It has caused me to look at so many things in my life differently.  It’s just really ok.  I try to speak to acquaintances when I see them.  I have been known to be in lala land even in the grocery store.  Give people some grace.  Don’t ask what’s wrong unless you really wanna hear – I’ll try to be humorous instead of depressing.  People with chronic illness do get tired of talking about themselves- but don’t want to be invisible either.    I really feel like there is a connection here on the homeschooling non-issue of socialization.  Here is what I had to say about that.  My hunny is not an introvert.  He can and does talk to everyone he sees. He has an amazing testimony and ministry as a result. He is great at impromptu discussions, parenting advice, and rationalizing situations.  He balances me out- so that my kids don’t divorce me!

Enjoying the sound of birds this morning,


Introvert Chicken


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  1. I learned some things that I didn’t know about you, Celina, but nothing surprised me. You are your own unique self, not defined by any tests. Some of the “not so good things” you listed, can actually be good in some situations. Maybe I’ll take the test…….might surprise myself:)

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