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What I have to share is more unbelievable than my dog wearing pearls.  She loves to wear pearls.  Yes, I was having fun at her expense.  She earned it well –for a dog bone- she’ll do just about anything.

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I’m doing it. I can’t believe it myself.  I have no experience.  No college.  No mentor or guide.  Just me, myself, the keyboard, google, my furry companion, and Hunny’s brain is all at my disposal to pick apart.  I have dove in head first with dirty dishes in the sink and wet clothes in the washer.  It’s the way I roll- all or nothing.  It’s my blessing and my curse.

At this point your like, Oh MY Goodness, what has she done now.  She’s off the deep end.  Well I’m certainly out of the shallows and in unfamiliar currents.  I have a cheering squad on the shores that have been so amazing.

I’m writing a book, a fiction, historical, love- inspired, western, something about God blessing people kinda book.

I had begun “my book” months ago.  I stopped writing because I felt like I sounded like a second grader and had no direction.  I spoke to a kindred spirit on the phone this week.  Yes, I did- say the word- spoke.  I called her, something I almost never do anymore.  She encouraged me so- much like she does every time I talk to her.  She’s my special angel friend who lives right around the way.  I feel like she is honest and wouldn’t coddle my spirit for the sake of my feelings.  She pressed me on- encouraged me to begin again- to write my book.  She may not have known it- she’s such an exhorter.

I do know a writer personally.  She is a published author of over 40 books and sold in the neighborhood of  like 2.5 million copies.  Some of which I own.  I do plan to gather my questions- all of them and see if she will chat.  She’s an amazing writer. I have read her books and only hope that I can weave some God and inspiration in the words to make an impact on the future reader.

I thought I’d go easy on myself and write about a place I know.  I’ve set my book in my local home area, cause I know the terrain, the weather, and the life here.  I have literally jumped in head first and this should be easy right!  Well, I didn’t mention also that it’s set in 1845.  By the time I am finished I will have my east Texas History degree.

Oo.. And the road trips not far from my home.  I’m already mapping out the lil country roads and places I want Hunny to take me to see.  Likely there won’t be much to see as every piece of land has an owner and a fence now.  Perhaps it will be inspiring.

I’m not qualified even though I did go through high school almost four times now homeschooling these kids.  I don’t have an English degree, but that’s what editors and spell check is for, right? Unless you want to write Texan- spell check does not habla. My sewing shop is currently closed and the kids all work full time.  Lady, pictured above, and I have lots of time to sit and type even if I’m having an I C flare.  She is my best critic. I can still be productive.  God is so good to me.  He’s been blessing me with ideas and feeding my brain with a new dream and goal.

Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.  (Romans 15:13)

And this is on the road to marking off a dream on my Coffee Cup List.  Dreams are good; they are Hope food for the future.  When you are on the journey to that dream- it’s excitin.  Like nothin else!    I had no idea what this year was gonna be like.  From  November of 2016 the future looked so dark and hazy like a gnarly Texas storm. The sky has brightened with a rose colored hue giving way to new obsessions.

I enlist your help.

A) Pray for me.

B)  If you like to read fiction- I might need a reader for critiquing.

Loving Life even when the space bar key wants to stick,

~ Lena



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