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Lacking Southern Hospitality

I had read recently on a page devoted to IC treatment and general discussion something that astounded me.  Women with no faith values (Agnostics and Atheists) were fed up with Christians.  They’d had all the “Have faith in God” they could stand.  While I’d be the first to tell you that I believe in each other having their own religious convictions as long as it doesn’t infringe on mine or go against God’s law.  The whole page erupted in a religious explosion; women attaching women saying the most awful things when they should be supporting each other.  I would add that the Christian women- never attached them personally; they only stated their faith views.

I was floored at the comments and things that I read.  These women didn’t even know each other and yet they were throwing literal word poo on each other. There was no common decency or respect.   We see the same dramatics on TV and youtube.  For some of us who live in the rural Bible belt of America, we still find this appalling.  It’s not southern hospitality; it’s not even a friendly discussion of differences or a debate with supporting sentences.  It’s not only time for American Christians to be bold,  stand for their faith, but also to take it a step further and act upon their principles.

How can God allow- disease and sickness? – A loving God wouldn’t allow people to be sick– if he really existed? This was not the spur that got it all going but it was among the littering comments fueling the fire.  No doubt that this woman was diagnosed with IC feeling at her wits end with pain or other life pressures.  Maybe, she’s a single mom who has to work through the pain and care for children.  She feels not only the pressures of the world but that God has dealt her an unfair hand.

Can I ask a question:  Do you have children?

How much control do you have over them when they are with you?

How much control do you have when they are away from you- even at an arms distance, in the back seat, with an ice cream, crayons, and a dirty sock?  Do you suspect disaster on your freshly cleaned seats and hand print free windows?

Have your mini blessings ever done anything you didn’t approve of or that you disliked?

Children can be curious and rebellious creatures at any age and not think twice about the love us parents invested in them when they were babies and then on to toddlers.  They seem to have forgotten all about midnight feedings, pneumonia, or the chicken pox.  As parents, we invest a whole bunch into our kid’s and not just time, but sacrificing our body, money, and sleeping hours.  They want to do their own thing with no regard of what their father may say or think about it. Granted this isn’t always the case.  Even the most perfect child has done something a parent did not approve of.

After they have acted impulsively they landed with a repercussion that was not of their delight.  Their hand is burnt after you told them not touch the heater, it was hot.   It was a simple cause and effect story.  I know you aren’t seeing how this is related to God. But we are getting there.

To ask how God how can he allow sickness to happen is just the same of asking how can you let your toddler touch the hot heater.  They are tiny human beings with their own mind.  We parents are tasked with raising, teaching, and training them into functions human beings.

When she burned her hand- who did she come to for comfort?  Did she wail and pout- and deny your parentage? Did she say you don’t exist because you allowed her to get burned?  Did you ignore her and chuckle with a diabolical laugh?  This is my point- No, you were there- she had to come to you- but you were there.  You picked her up, kissed the boo boo, applied ointment, and a band- aid.  And next time, when you said it was HOT- she paused and listened to your voice.

Life is just that -Life.  God has invested in us.  God doesn’t will bad things to happen to you.  There are some things to remember about this roller coaster called life.  If you live a life of no thought or care for your decisions you could be faced with some pretty intense consequences.  Your choice many not feel the effects immediately and can lead to great regret for teens in their married years.

Will the choices you make today affect you having children in the future?

Do your food choices matter to your health?

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. (Galatians 6:7)

We cannot live like the world, eating, doing, seeing, playing, whatever we want- at the first test of our faith- in peril or tribulation; turn around, stick out our tongue and wag our finger at God, and tell him that this is all his fault.

I don’t know why cancer comes to some and not others.  Why are some more susceptible to chronic illness and not others? I do know that Satan, seeks whom he can steal, kill, and destroy.  He hates humanity and the earth.  He hates us because God created us.  He seeks to pollute the food, our planet, religion, bible translations, minds, people, and organizations.  He hates everything good that God made.  He’s quite busy with grubby fingers warping and distorting things unknown to us.

I (Jesus)am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.  The thief (satan) cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. (John 10:9-10)


But while satan is busy bringing on tribulation and reeking havoc in our lives- God is working an even greater work in our heart, mind, and soul even through sickness.  He is feeding us with His spirit in our weakest moment to make us at our strongest.  God has not forsaken us- He indeed wants to bless us.  God will use evil for Good in our lives.  Only he can do that.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

I have heard it is useless to argue or to try to persuade someone who believes there is no God.  It takes more faith to believe that there is no God.  You have to choose to be blind to the seasons, the miracle of babies, and the love of newlyweds to not see God’s hand all around us.  I have put it out there plain as I know how.  Don’t be blind- and buy the lie.  Satan isn’t God’s counterpart- he won’t be ruling or reigning anywhere.   The real question is- now- what will you do with your faith?  -Look for the cross in a muddy world.

It’s your soul that matters,



3 thoughts on “Lacking Southern Hospitality

  1. You say you believe in others having their own beliefs but as long as they don’t contradict yours. That’s complete hypocrisy, condescension, and the exact opposite of respecting others’ rights to believe (or not believe) in the same thing as you. Then you proceed to quote from a book of fables as if it were scientific fact and insult those around you…then title your blog about hospitality! Might want to take a hard look in the mirror.


    1. At this point there is nothing I might say that would change your offense for that I am sorry. As for my quotes from a book of fables, no – no, I did not. I did quote from the Bible, God’s Holy Word, it was given to us for our benefit. For the offense that it gave you I can not apologize for. We will just respectfully agree to disagree on the subject. May grace go with you.


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