Shopping Beast


Who doesn’t love to go shopping now and again?  Granted what I might like to shop for you probably detest.  Hunny and Son are sporting goods kinda guys; loving all manner of things manly to feast on the eyes.  Son, is a bit more versatile, he doesn’t like shopping for clothes and groceries- but If I can give him a description of what I want, size, brand, or color- he’s a man on a mission.  Promptly in  2.5 min, you’ll every pair of flamingo pink Capri pants in the store if that’s what you ask for.  Sis, she’s my grocery shopper, she’s good for reading labels, planning meals, and thinking up what’s good.  Cat, she’s my department store shopper for clothes, shoes, crafts, and anything trendy.


I try to plan my trips when I can take the appropriate kid with me, gosh it helps a bunch.  These days the kids are all quite busy finishing up school and working.  For years, I’ve had my own shopping routine of resale shops looking for the best bang for my buck, quality, name brand, and so forth. We would spend the day out checking out thrift stores, library visits, lunch, book stores, and finally groceries before home.  I C has given me more than just a medical label to wear around my neck.  It’s has made some of the most simple tasks- difficult and downright miserable.

Yes, we live in the boonies.  The closest town is something like 10 miles away.  We have a decent lil grocery store and two dollar stores.  To do real shopping I have to go 100 miles to the nearest college town.  That takes Spoons from not just today but tomorrow’s day as well.  Every time I get in and out of the car- I have to go- to the room of the rest.  Except not much resting happens there it’s more like a relieving room.  Anymore all I have to do is just look at son and point- I don’t even have to explain anymore. He happily babysits my buggy, purse, and water.  Some places I’ve visited have poor ventilation- or sitters/campers- or the room is just plain nasty.  Most would say just wait till you get to the next place.  Mmm… well no- that’s generally not an option.

One recent shopping trip the kids dropped me off at the grocery store. They went running an errand.  They came back and texted me- but the texts were not going through to my cell.  I saw them on my way to the restroom – I said, “Oh, sorry- I didn’t realize ya’ll are here- did you text?”  They said, “Yeah, but we figured if we stayed around the restroom you’d eventually turn up.”– Am I that predictable?  Sadly so.

I suspect, after more research and extensive self-observation that I also have also what’s called Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.  So, it’s on my doctor discussion list for next visit.  It generally goes hand in hand with IC and isn’t a surprise for most women.  I have terrible pain with achy soreness lasting a day after riding in a car for more than several hours.  Grocery shopping is generally an all-day task.  Errands, ,driving, errands, ,lunch, shopping,,,driving,, to finally get home to unload the coolers and it all putaway. Everywhere there was a comma- there was a restroom break.


I do a lot of online shopping now even for groceries through Azure Standard.  They have a once a month drop in my town.  I can get organic/No GMO – just about everything.  That is nice cause I can shop at my own convenience, price compare, and get quality food all while sitting in my comfy clothes.  I know, there is just something about wandering up and down the isles looking to see what’s new and being enticed by packaging labels that I do actually enjoy. I make a list of such things that cannot be got online- and that makes grocery shoppin day a whole lot less hectic.

I am a creature of repetition and habit.  I have a few tips for IC-ers that I have found work for me.

  • Know your limitations- don’t push till the next stop.
  • If possible – try not to plan too many stops in one day.  I don’t go to “town” often- so when I do, I guilty of trying to get it all done in one trip. badly done….  Prioritize.
  • Know your bathrooms- preferred places to rest or relieve- whichever phrase suits you.
  • Shopping buddies are awesome for company, basket sitting, and clearing the way if you need to go now.
  • Stay hydrated.  I was so stressed about going to the bathroom so much while out away from- I wouldn’t drink – It doesn’t help- I still went as often -it makes the pain later worse.
  • Be prepared- have a list- and know what you want.
  • Eat well – Eat a good lunch- Don’t ruin all your productivity for the day by eating off your diet.
  • Try to relax and enjoy your trip outa the house.
  • Know when to call it a day and just go home.
  • Last but not least, Don’t feel bad about it!


The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him. (Psalm 28:7)

We can do this!

The joy of the Lord is my strength,