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Law of Two

There is nothing like sitting down and doin the business and looking over at the TP (toilet paper) dispenser and it’s empty.  Uh oh.  It’s worse than your family not just replacing the roll.  You quickly assess the situation – looking almost frantically under the sink for more paper.  Now you’re hot on the pot.  It’s all gone.  You are out!  No one told you.  OH, Agony!


Have a cup; calm down it was just a hypothetical.  I don’t have any of this firsthand knowledge of this happening in my house- at least not in many years.  I try to always have an ample supply of the white wonder paper available. If low levels occur a special trip to town is expedited.    Fun fact for today….. At the top of the list stresses for women with IC or so I have read is the fear of running out of the T P.  Some folks are fantastic at flying by the seat of their pants.   Not me.  I like to be more prepared and live life a little less exotically.

You know I’m a list maker.  I shop two times a month and so if it’s not on that list- I won’t remember to buy it.   But do you know my law of two’s? Funny thing is I hadn’t realized I did this till just recently.

When the kids were little we were so anxious for them to learn to walk.  If they walked on their own then we didn’t have to carry their lil hinnies around anymore.  Looking back- we should have prolonged the mobility as long as possible.  At any rate we wanted to encourage them to walk alone and let go of things.  Hunny would give them a cookie in one hand.  Sweet, right, they like that.  Then he does the unthinkable and puts a cookie in the other hand.  Next daddy goes and sits afar and lures the child to him and the box of motivation.  Parent score, they tottle across the living room without holding on to furniture and win two cookies.

From then on for some reason, they got two treats  – always one for each hand.

Two’s are awesome.  The kids would want to go look at something in the store and they’d have to take a sibling.  Both of them charged with the same rules to hold each other accountable.  By two they could go.

Have you ever contemplated how great the sequences of two’s are?  Even numbers are just so fair and rhythmical. Kids love counting by their two especially when dividing up bubble come shares.  2 for you and 4 for me…

I went shopping today for nothing really.  When I was on the way home I realized I’d bought two solar lights for the yard, two bags of rice, two jars of peanut butter, and two chocolates.  I never buy just one package of chocolate chips.  One is for baking and the second is for Hunny to eat.

In my house, we have two coffee pots.  Yep, for reals on the counter all day- every day; think of them as the coffee dream team saving family members one cup at a time.

There is some method to my madness.  We have an average size family of 5 with 3 very hungry and thirsty teenagers.  One of the three eats his portion times two.  He might have a hollow leg.  I like to buy in bulk, but when I can’t- I always follow the law of two.  Get one for now and another just in case one isn’t enough.  You never know when you might have another teen boy over for supper with his hollow leg or even a gaggle of girl’s devouring cookie dough.  So really it’s all about preparedness.

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I took this senseless thinking further and noticed that God must like the method of two also.  Two legs, arms, hands, feet, eyes, nose holes, cheeks :), ovaries, and lungs.  Two by two to the ark and some in sevens, yikes did you know that? It was also written that… two should become one.

“And the two shall become one flesh; so then they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”(Mark 10:8-9)

Your basic case of 1 + 1 = 2 and then 1 again. 

Someone said, it takes two to tango – or so I heard.  We Baptist would really not have any firsthand experience on that one.

Most of us have vehicles- car and truck or some variation of the two. And each of those has two doors at the least.   Most houses have two doors- a back and a front.

Where would we be without shampoo and conditioner?  Ok- maybe you can get by.. but some of us would be in bad shape!

My storal to the mory… If you get two you have plenty to feed a crowd or extra to bless someone else.  Being prepared isn’t so bad.  You don’t buy just one roll of TP.  Well, I guess ya can- but why would you – you know you are gonna need some next week, it doesn’t go bad, and it holds its value. 🙂

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