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A day in the life of an I C -er

Each woman is as unique as God created her to be.  Each of us is different in our own way and respond to treatments and supplements differently.  A typical day where I don’t have leave home is generally a pretty good day.

I C has changed many aspects of my life- and not all of those things are bad. I’ve had doors of opportunity open that I otherwise would have overlooked.


Is morning the beginning of your day?  In the morning I wake many times.  I go to the bathroom anywhere from 5-7 times a night.  Since I’m up I’ll sometimes check on the kids, make sure lil Sis is up for school, potty the dog, and crawl back in my covers.  I emerge the last time around 7 am.  I take my morning pill and wait an hour before eating.  I do morning journaling and Daily Bread reading to get my mind jogging.

Drink more water to make up for the night sleeping, breakfast of peppered bacon, eggs, and spinach is on the meal plan.  I’ve read some can’t handle nitrates.  At this point, bacon doesn’t bother me- but ham does.  I gather my morning dose of supplements filling a shot glass and swallow my second breakfast of pills.

Next, getting dressed, feeding the critters, laundry and finishing the dishes take me an hour or so depending on how often I have to break.  I sit down to my computer for some journaling and blog editing till noon.  I’m beginning to feel tired.

A carrot and a spoon of peanut butter for lunch or celery and an avocado make a snack complete.  Switch laundry, fold, put away, and straighten the living room.  Yeah, I’m pooped now.  I retire to my chair with the laptop to get a few more lines in with a cup of my very special noncoffee- coffee.

It’s 2pm in the afternoon, nap time- I can’t hold my eyes open. I’ve probably been to the bathroom no less than 8 times since I got up.    I’m usually feeling some discomfort about now- I take a nap.

5 pm – wakey, wakey, everyone will be home soon and I must get up to cook super.  I stagger about to get going.  Drink, Drink, more water- and try to get functioning.  By 6 I’m cooking or the girls have had to fill in if I’m still having pain.   Once I eat, I try to wash up the dishes while the kids put away food.

Evening- Hunny goes out to work on the property.  I try to ride the bike a lap or two around the place.  Yep, I can ride a bike now.  I couldn’t before!   I try to stir around after the sun has gone behind the trees a bit picking up limbs or debris in the yard.

Dark-We are in for the evening.  Maybe watch a feeln flick, shower, night time meds, and potty several times more before bed.  To get ready to do it all again!

Life has changed in that, I must slow down.  I must smell the roses, walk slower, plan better meals, and plan for the purchase of supplements.   That’s not all bad.  The doc said napping is fine.  My body is working to right the wrongs and it’s just gonna take a while.   I can’t be a control freak either.  I have to let the kids help in cooking, driving, errands, and shopping.  I may not make every church service- but I enjoy with my whole heart the ones I do make.  I’ve had to find self-motivation in other areas.  Non- physical areas to stay positive and fight depression; like reading other bloggers, taking the time to read devotionals to feed my spirit, and I enjoy my vocabulary word of the day.  I probably won’t remember any of them.  They are a fun snack of healthy education in my email each day.  I am challenging myself to write- each day even when I don’t feel much like a warrior.  Even if it means I hammer at the keys in frustration or deliberate a cause. I take more photos – I enjoying posting my own pics for the blogs and editing them.


On the extra feel good days here and there I’ve been known to emerge from the house on a mission.  This past week, Hunny did a tune up on the ole riding mower.   I decided to hit the newly cleared pastures.  There were a few trees out there- they have been cleared and grass it beginning to grow.  The burning has been almost finished and smoothing of the dirt and so on.  That first night’s ride was wild.  The ruts from the machinery that had been here are wicked.  There was no way to go with the grain in any direction.  I tried to relax as much as possible and go slow.  A pretty gnarly storm came up and some cloud to ground lightning that halted the mow show.  I was sad cause I wasn’t finished- I cut too big of a block.I was oh so relieved at the same time because I was hurting pretty bad.  It was work soreness more than anything.

Some days aren’t so good.  I get little accomplished – but a bit of blogging and laundry.  That’s ok.  On the days that are good I plan to live them to the fullest. Yep, I like to turn and burn- on the lawn mower- in first gear.

IC is not gonna keep me down!



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  1. I love hearing about your day, Celina…and I was drinking coffee as I read so it was good to visit. Praying everyday for relief and healing for you💜


  2. I actually found time to read this one, Celina. Kids are in bed, and I’m working at my desk. Love you, and glad you are doing a bit better. Keep it up!

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