Book Reconnaissance

We got to put feet on the ground!  I live in beautiful Leon County in East Texas which happens to be the setting for my new book. Remember, I am writing a book- Unbelievable. I still can’t believe it myself.  One afternoon Hunny came home from work ready to take me on an adventure.  I had not been feelin so great that day but, I couldn’t miss out on this opportunity. I slid on the flip flops and quickly put my hair in a pony and we were out the door.

So my book setting is here in Leon County off of the Trinity River.  In the 1800’s they had ferries for crossing the river.  Did you know that we had steamboats that came up our river with river ports along the way?  We live pretty close to one of the ferry crossings. We hoped to see this famous spot in person.

We’ve had quite a spring here this year.  It has been very wet.  The day we’d gone out it was just that –wet.  We’d had several inches of rain just the day before.  The day was threatening more showers- but we seized the opportunity anyway.


The drive was beautiful. Everything here is so green and lush this time of year.


This is the same day.  We turned to go directly toward the river and these clouds hung heavy in the sky.  We abandoned this route eventually.  The road turned very muddy and Hunny didn’t wanna get stuck.  I didn’t either.  I was bummed but not disappointed.  I had enjoyed my day out with Hunny.  All 30 minutes of it at this point and I was feeling inspired already.  He was not willing to give up.  He said, “I want you to see some river.”  He was sure that there was a place to get close – and he found it miles later down a dirt road I’d never been down.



Did you see my gator?  I’ve heard there are gators in the Trinity – with the season opening for them here in April, I think. It isn’t a ferry crossing but a community boat ramp.  It had washed out from all that rain I told you about.  We didn’t get any closer as shifty sand is just that- shifty.  I wasn’t interested in that kind of a tour down the river.



This was the walk back up to the car.  Not too bad if I say so myself.  We really got pretty close.  Much closer than I ever dreamed we would.

It had been a day.. but this was the cherry on the ice cream.


Check out this tree.  It was right up from the river maybe 50ft. Hunny said this is Spanish moss growing on the tree.  It looks wise and enchanting all that the same time.  Unless you are an OCD person you might see dusty and itchy.


We passed this on our way in on the downhill slope to the water.  We stopped for a closer look on the way out.  This is in the heart of the Trinity River Bottom.  That is your average telephone pole.  The boards on the pole signify the water level at flood stage.  I wish I’d thought to take one with the car for a real reference of height.  The highest marker says “May 1990” marking the water level for that flood.  Uhm.. Wow.  No, I don’t wanna live there. It was so pretty and tempting. That was the reality check for me.


This fantastic barn was not far from the river.  I absolutely love it.


Score for Hunny, Great trip- awesome view, way to beat IC for the day! He treated me to sliced BBQ beef and coleslaw for supper afterward- he knows the way to my lil German heart.

“And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.” (Genesis 1:31)

Sew Blessed on days that end in Y.