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The Blessing of IC

It’s really hard for some to look through the half full glass of life and see a blessing in the midst of trials and tribulation.  Tribulation is just a big fancy word for trouble.  Who doesn’t have trouble every now and again?   Your car won’t crank or you have a flat tire.  Some days my body won’t crank.  You can fix your car if you have enough money.  But, me well, even with unlimited cash supply- there is only so much to be done.  Would I like to live “Normal” and “Cured”?  Yeah of course.

There are a couple of major things that have changed for me.  I picked up my pencil full time.  Writing my thoughts fears, concerns, and blessings to share with the world.  I ‘ve dedicated my pencil to the Lord for his work and glory.  I’m slaying life’s dragons with my pencil shaped sword all from the fluffiness of my chair.  Just prior to this beginning I worried about not having anything to scribble away about.  The kids are growing up and farm shenanigans are at an all time low.  It’s a good thing as I’m not up for chasing goats.  As a  result, the Lord is keeping me busy well in thought and ideas to ponder and share.

I was already neck deep in teaching a young ladies class at our church when I was diagnosed new lifestyle.  The meetings are informal with Mom’s and daughters.  I considered letting that go the lightening of my stress load.  They have been so understanding, flexible, and patient with me.  We’ve finished our book study and they want me to continue on in another study on prayer.

I began reading Fervent by Priscilla Shirer in the plans to prepare for teaching this.  I had no idea God was gonna use this book to feed my weary soul and engage a fruitful rewarding prayer life.

My fiction book is next.  I’m so excited, scared, and very much intimidated by the enormity of this task.  I’ve talked me out of this more times and still not sure that I have the right stuff.  How goes it?  Great, actually I average 1500 words each time I set down to write.  I don’t get to indulge every day.  I ‘ve read it to family and they say it’s good- not sure if they are just patting my head.  They are an awesome group of cheerleaders I wouldn’t trade.  God has opened door #2.  Guilt free writing Buffett is on the menu.  I wouldn’t allow myself to spend quite so much time writing, praying and pondering fiction before.

Lastly, I’d say God has given me time.  My clock ticks slower than everyone else.  I enjoy my visits, talks, messages, walks, and rides away from home.  They are oh so more precious to me.

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.” (Psalm 23:6)

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  1. So glad the ladies enjoyed the preparing study. I have never read anything from Priscilla…I may have to add her to my list. I just finished The Hidden Help Meet and it was just what I needed. LOVE Debi…and my friend for introducing me to her 🙂

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