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The love language of Coffee

Each family has their very own favorite set of quirks.  I don’t mean that meanly either.  Quirky parents begat quirky kids.  Who grow up and repeat the process.  Kind of scary right?

I learned recently of a family who puts lemon juice in their Dr. Pepper.  I see that eyebrow, raised.  To each his own- but I would say that fits into the small things in life category that make a person happy.


I sit here sipping my NON- coffee version of coffee and ponder if my family truly has an addiction to the warm cup phenomenon that has turned cold.  I tell you that my coffee is non-coffee because one day, if I don’t someone, will comment and say, “NO wonder you have IC you aren’t supposed to drink coffee.”  Shh… It’s a lie I tell myself, that it is coffee. It looks like coffee, it kinda sorta tastes like coffee, and therefore it must be coffee.

Coffee drink’in in this bunch starts at a pretty young age.  When Bug was just a baby not even walking yet, she would sit in Granny’s lap.  Granny would take the vanilla wafers and stick them into the lukewarm coffee to soak up some of the goodness. She then sticks the cookie into her little toothless mouth and let her suck the coffee off the treat till it disintegrated.  Granny said that her Mom and Grannie did the same for their babies.

I didn’t drink coffee till way after I was married and had children.  My parents drank coffee every morning or you didn’t speak to them.  They functioned like mummified parentals walking with no purpose until they had the black go-go juice consumed.

My sweet mother in law would ask me every time she was gonna fix herself a cup if I wanted a cup of coffee.   After many offers and denials one day she said, I’ll make it special for you, and you just try it.  Oh boy! She put a spoonful of real honey,  some real heavy cream, and then the coffee. Of course who wouldn’t love that!  It was kinda good. I graduated from drinking a half cup to a full cup occasionally.

Coffee fun fact #1.  Easterling’s don’t need morning to drink coffee.  It’s more like a conversational treat.

Signs you might have some coffee addiction go’in on:

  • if you have to have coffee in the morning so you aren’t a walking mombie…
  • if you buy in bulk so you NEVER run out.
  • if running out of coffee is worse than a Toilet Paper emergency!
  • if you go shopping and need coffee to make it home.
  • if you see a sign and say  “Ooh.. Coffee” and immediately start counting change.
  • if you know where all the coffee hot spots are in the hospital.
  • if you have more than one favorite coffee cup.
  • if all of those cups are dirty!
  • if when all of the cups are clean they won’t fit in the cupboard.
  • if you text home and ask kids to make a pot of coffee cause you are almost there.
  • if your kids text home and ask for coffee on the curb.
  • if your kids stop in at Grandma’s just for a cup.
  • if you know how to speak fluent coffee blends.
  • if you like to debate over coffee blends.
  • if you don’t care for flavored coffees.
  • if you walk up to a coffee pot and touch the pot to see if it’s hot.
  • if your friends make you promise not to go off coffee.
  • if your friends offer to go buy you coffee.
  • if you know how to order coffee at Starbucks.
  • if you drink coffee at night before bed with ice cream!
  • if you need coffee to go…you know…Go…#2.
  • if your passwords contain the word coffee.
  • if you start a conversation with, “Sorry, I haven’t had my coffee yet?”
  • if your yeti always smells like coffee.
  • if coffee rings are considered decorative circles on our end tables.
  • if going off coffee is like changing your blood type.

Just a few ideas there.  Yuck, I don’t like the cold versions with ice or even ice cream flavored coffee.  That’s just me.  My kids go all out and try all of those options.  So, yeah, we may have a small problem.  Nah, I don’t think so.

I just thought this would be a comforting, warm subject to brew over.

Just Perking around,



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  1. Lol!! I love this! I, too, am sipping on my morning java as I read your blog. There’s definitely a coffee problem in this house 🙂

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