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Raspberry Lemon Scones

I told myself early on, this was no food blogger page. Every now and again I have a favorite recipe that is too good not to share.  My daughter has a food blogger page that one day I hope she’ll have time to spend on it again.  She did so well and is an amazing cook.

My food sensitivities to grains have slacked up a bit and I’ve made great improvements.  I still cannot have wheat and sadly probably never will.  There are some decent Gluten free flours on the market or you can always make your own, that works too.

I came across this recipe and made some minor substitutions and we absolutely loved the outcome.  Have you ever had scones?  They are kinda like a sweet biscuit with a yummy glaze or drizzle on them.  Usually, they have some kind fruit in them.

Here is the original blog where I got the recipe from.  I found it while browsing Pinterest.  I want to give all the credit due to Suzanne Cowden because it’s a great recipe.  I only modified the recipe to fit my food options.

What did I do?  So glad you asked.

I substituted blackberries in the place of the raspberries.  It’s what we had available in the freezer.  I subbed in half and half for the heavy cream.  The heavy cream was making me sick even in small increments.  And of course, I substituted the flour for a gluten free flour mixture I purchased from the grocery store.

This was the second time I made them.  We had another baking session going on and they had to sit to wait their turn for the oven. The blackberries bleed and they kinda looked like smurf poo.  They were the smurfiest tasting scones I ever ate.



Yum.. they are a great snack with coffee in the evening or a morning snack before church.

Here is the recipe for you to print.

Raspberry Lemon Scones

This one will go into the recipe book- it’s a keeper.




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