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Why do I Write?

Really why do I put myself through this word hula hoop jumping contest?  It’s like doing school for fun and I’m not getting a grade or even $$.  So, what the heck is that about?

I do wonder why I keep this up some days.  It’s not because I desire fame, fortune, or notoriety.  Stop laughing; I know I’m definitely not hitting on all those cylinders.. haha  I have 26 whole committed followers to this blog page so why do it?


I’m so glad you asked.

  • I write because it’s good mind therapy and there isn’t enough chocolate in the world.
  • I write because they took away my coffee and there must be justice in the world.
  • I write because it’s a great way to procrastinate house chores.
  •  I write because I was that weird kid with big glasses in school who loved getting new school supplies.
  • I write cause I don’t think I would like to wear bright orange clothing and be forced to potty in front of everyone.
  • I write because once upon a time a teacher told me I couldn’t – not to ever even try.


  • I write to raise awareness about Interstitial Cystitis and Post Tubal Ligation syndrome.
  • I write because it is all in my head- and other women need to know they aren’t alone.
  • I write because my body is in rebellion- not my mind.
  • I write because I forget- and I need to be reminded of God’s Blessings.
  • I write to fight off depression when bad days start setting in.
  • I write because it’s a gift from God and I want to be used of him.



Sherlock pondering a mystery.

I ‘m not a glory seeker. I’m not looking for a ride on the sympathy wagon.  Look at Sherlock, he wasn’t born a detective.  He’s working up to it.  He started out as a humble ranch security dog.  Hank is his hero.  He’s going to be a famous sleuth someday.  🙂

I write but still don’t consider myself a “writer”.  I wonder how many words you have to pen to claim that title.   When someone casually asks what do you do?   “Oh, me- yes, I’m a writer (while flicking your hair and acting modest).  “Yep, I sit in my PJ’s dream’in up drama for my people.”  Goals- You gotta have them.

Rejoice evermore.  Pray without ceasing.  In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.  (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)  KJV


Pondering plots,



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