we broke up

It’s over.  We’re done!

I’ve had it with you loafing around not pulling your own weight.  You sit around stale and offended like.  You were my first love but one of us must go.  I simply cannot take the gut wrenching pain any longer.  I must act – even if you won’t change.  I see the toasty looks you give me from afar, staring at me, and calling me names.  You butter me up with your lies and airy promises that this time will be different.  You are so bland with your excuses.  I saw you with that jelly tart and that two timing bacon strip.  You are full of fluff and feathers.

I mingled with other stand-ins.  They just don’t make the cut.  I can’t come back to you.  You leave me swollen, puffy and in tears.  Your games obstruct my path.  I’m anxious in your presence.  I can’t think clearly when we are together.  It breaks my heart to say “adios”.

We were never right for each other.  Let’s face it- we are better for each other apart. So don’t come plop down at my table hot and oily- you aren’t welcome. Take your cheap talk somewhere else.  You cannot see ham or cheese anymore it’s not fair to them.  Peanut butter and Jelly want nothing to do with you.  I’m appalled at the places you go and hide in.  You should be ashamed of yourself for being so sneaky. You say you’ve given up your gluten mistress and you are free from her clutches, my insides tell me different- it’s all lies.

You can’t just show up at holidays either. Just so we are clear your sour Aunt and your French cousin aren’t welcome either.  You’ve made me nervous and paranoid; I never know when you’ll turn up.  I can’t make excuses for you anymore and deal with the looks of judgment.

How will we survive?  I don’t know but I must.

7 months gluten/wheat free,