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How do you describe kindness? Is it when someone brings you a candy treat even though you can’t have sugar?  I know it’s when your son wants to help daddy and he takes a can of spray paint to paints the rims of his truck black while Daddy is at work.  Surprise! Daddy! :/  How about when someone inquires as to how you feel?  “You look so sick today are you ok?-” they say that when you actually feel good; you did put some effort in your hair, makeup, and nice clothes. And you’re like no, no, I’m fine.


Describe kindness? Kindness is a noun, the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

So, even if the gesture is received under duress or doesn’t quite fit your need- it’s still kindness. Kindness and thoughtfulness go hand in hand.

Kindness at its best appreciated when you are in a bind and life has become difficult.  When the Mom and the three kids are all sick and needing medicine urgently and the pharmacist pushes the prescription through to get you on your way.

Kindness is the man in the grocery line letting you go ahead because you only have a few items.

Kindness is your kids cooking supper because you are sick in the chair and unable to get up.

Kindness is helping a friend or relative clean their house just because.

Kindness is your husband not being angry that the house isn’t clean, the food isn’t cooked, and the clean laundry has taken over a couch.

Kindness is a friend commenting on blog posts regularly to encourage you to write more.

Kindness is your husband driving an elderly, smelly, cigarette smoking, no bathing neighbor to the store to buy groceries.

Kindness can be letting someone pull out into the lane when the traffic is clogged.

Kindness is a friend ordering you a book and sending it to you.

Kindness is a son stopping to push a stranded motorist vehicle to the gas station.

Kindness is a sweetie rubbing Vicks on the feet when you are sick with a cold.

Kindness is a friend hand picking flowers for you to say Thank You.

Kindness is a card in the mail to say they care.

It can also be as simple as taking all the plates away from the table after a meal.

Kindness is someone making you soup on a sick day.

A small kind gesture could be a small thing to you and go along way for someone else’s day.

Kindness shouldn’t be limited to religion, race, political party, or mood.  We all have something to contribute.

Kindness is you acknowledging that everyone is as human and as valuable as you.

“And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.”  (Ephesians 4:32)

This year I have been so sick off and on.  Currently the snot cannons are on.   I am about ready to walk around in a hazmat suit- if the hot flashes wouldn’t kill me in there.  I have experienced such great kindness in folks around me.  I am so very thankful for that and the constant prayers that keep me going.

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