There is never a dull moment on a farm.  I would say that our adventures have been greatly reduced with the vacancy of critters.  We still have a few.  Naturally, we have a Border collie named Sherlock who is head of Ranch Security.  He is young but learning fast under the tutelage of his senior Amy, the barren cocker spaniel.  Her mother Lady thinks that she is high born royalty and lives in the ranch house.  We do have a cat, Maco, who thinks he is a dog.  He runs to greet you when you drive up.  He waits for his petting and left over lunch treats from Hunny’s truck.

We have five birds, a Bantam rooster with his two ladies, a young chick and an old red hen that just won’t give up.  She likes long walks, worms, and to have her feathers petted.  🙂 That my friend is the extent of this petting zoo.  Soon, on the horizon Hunny will be adding fish to that mix.   They are for the aquaponics system.  Maybe I’ll name them, any ideas?

That brings me to the highlight of this farm report.  Sherlock has come so far.  He used to sit upon the front porch on a full moon night and bark at his own shadow.  He is quite gentile and doesn’t wander away.  One night this week he spied an armadillo. He pursued the invader and succeeded in its termination.  The armored foe was nothing for the great hairy wonder dog.  Ha ha.. We were quite proud of his accomplishment.

We as a family had a fabulous week at VBS.  I mention that because I was gone all morning every day and came home in the afternoons to die in the chair.  My son, worked every day after VBS till late. Being preoccupied, I forgot about the rotting armored rodent.  Now, days later in the Texas humid heat he stinketh!   Sherlock had brought him so we could see his treasure.  Only he forgot to haul him away. (Insert Puking emoji here)

Sunday I was permanently down with a flare.  My furry companion scarcely left my side all morning.  About 2:30p in the afternoon, I mentioned to her that she’d not been outside to potty.  I took her to the door and reluctantly she went out.  She is getting quite old, in need of a groom to relieve her coat, and it is a typical Texas summer.  I expected in no less than 15 min she’d be banging on the door.  After 45 min I go to look and guess what she was doing.  She was rolling in the dead armadillo remains.

Sherlock had taken notice of the awful smell in an effort to cover that putrid odor he had pooped a circle around the sacred kill.  Lady either didn’t care or couldn’t see the strategic piles through her cataracts because she rolled in it all.  She came to the door a trotting mess smelling like a poopy dead armadillo and expecting to be welcome in. Shew…

I waited till evening and mustered up enough energy to go out to hose her off.  She was upset with me for the non-scheduled bath appointment.  Go figure.  I used some super strong Tea Tree shampoo from JC penny and the foul funk was still stuck in my nose.

She had supervised potty breaks after that.  I warned her that if she dare even look at that stinky mess again- she is out!

So far so good,