Faith · personal evaluation


I’ve got just four simple things that we Christian’s need to stop doing.

  1.  Christians should stop missing church. Too often the average church member pushes church services, church work, and ministries to take a back burner.  We allow ourselves to be noncommitted and conveniently busy. We may feel embarrassed or inadequate working in some areas of service but all of us are needed.  If we are to give God a tenth of all we have shouldn’t that include our time?  How can we be effective if we only come to church when it’s convenient? Church work goes on just like the Postman; rain, sleet, or shine- there is always a need.  There is a blessing to be had in the service.
  2. Christians should stop forgetting to pray.  Blessing your food or saying your night time prayers are two very small but effective ways to be interactive in your prayer life.  Our kids need to see us praying to God, humbling ourselves to him and being thankful for simple things such as food. 
  3. Christians should stop kicking our brothers and sisters when they are down. We need to encourage each other.  Lift each other up.  To many times we get our feelings hurt in a misunderstanding. When bad things happen to our brother/sister in Christ we want to walk past them with a, I told you so attitude.  That’s not showing Christ. 
  4. Christians should stop being selfish with the pocket book.  This one hits where us where it hurts in the green.  We all have stuff going on in our lives.  We need to be cheerful generous givers.  If you aren’t – it’s time to examine your priories in life. What’s more important?  Did you forget where the blessing of your job came from?  How about the ability to work?

We all can’t be the popcorn flavored jelly bean the most popular in the bag. In fact that’s my favorite flavor.  Once you are saved we are all in this bag of beans together.  We all have a different flavor and job. We all can reach different people.  We’ve gotta work together to add more flavors to our bag.  Ok maybe a bad analogy- but you are tasting where I am going now.

I am certainly not tooting my own horn.  I don’t have it all figured. I’m a preachin to myself and in fact I’ve messed up in the past.  I’m not real proud of that.    I’ve attended enough churches to know that we are not perfect.  We are our own stumbling block more often than not.  Someone said once on a marque, “Church is a hospital for sinners.”  If we attended faithfully with that in mind to be more careful of eachother’s thoughts just maybe there would be less offence.   If I won’t tell you then who will?  Being about God’s business means putting our agenda aside.

That burned a little,