Gluten Free for Fun?

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I hate bread?”  Uhm… No, not me either- not ever, at least no one from the south ever says that.  So, who would really go gluten free for fun?  Maybe there are a few who made the choice based on science and other research.  Obviously, it’s a catchy phenomenon and the grocery stores are embracing it.  Have you noticed all the little gluten free tags sticking out everywhere at the store?  Gluten free stamped on everything from water to cereal.


So, my daughter and I went to College Station to pick up some things.  If you are from Texas that is key in understanding that it’s a college town, Texas A & M to be more precise.  That translates into college students everywhere.  We drove over to a popular deli spot we frequent to get some lunch. We ordered the BLT-A on Gluten Free Bread.  (This is a rare treat for me- so far this is the only place I can eat GF bread.)  The guy behind the register was like, “Do you not like real bread?”  “Why would you eat that stuff?”  Just then maybe he was feeling a bit too condemning with his questions so he confessed with, “I’ve had it and it tastes- OK.” :/

I realize for many people they are just ignorant of the food intolerances that plague a rising population in America.  My daughter tried to answer him simply without pulling up the medical chart on the phone.  “Yes, I like bread but I’m allergic and cannot eat it.” “So are you gluten free for fun?”  Hmm….  clearly- because who wouldn’t want to be.

“Are you gluten free for preference or allergy- cause I can get the manager?”

Is a diabetic sugar-free for fun?  They must enjoy abstaining from ice cream when everyone else is having theirs. I know they offer sugar free alternatives but that doesn’t mean they are good for you.  Just like that you find yourself at a pivotal point of making a decision based on the health for your life.

I could eat bread if I would just be more cooperative with my body.  Maybe ignoring the symptoms would work.   If I were to eat anything with gluten I can expect immediate headaches (migraines), blurry vision, brain fog (inability to think clearly), constipation or diarrhea,  severe gut pain and cramping, indigestion, nausea, joint pain, rashes, burning fever, flushed hot spells, irritability, those are just a few signs I’ve personally noticed.

We’ve not really discussed what it does to my bladder.  It feels swollen like it’s trying to invert itself.  It feels feverish, super sensitive; it causes frequent visits to the loo minutes apart.  If you’ve had a baby- then you’ll understand it feels like labor pains.

So, basically I could eat bread, It wouldn’t kill me- just turn me a crazy, growling- snarling beast that would need to go to the nearest ER for pain medication and sedation.

I would say that’s fun.  Wouldn’t you? ((Hint Sarcasm))

Nope, I didn’t say all that to that poor college freshman.  I rather think he was enjoying flirting with my daughter and in doing so he was asking silly questions.  Either way, it’s not fair- yet it is reality for so many people.

I’m ready for it to be understood that there is a cause for these autoimmune diseases and that eating gluten free isn’t just a fad.  There are other things I shouldn’t eat but can fudge on occasionally.  Gluten isn’t one of those things.

Education, Awareness, and much love with prayers for my warrior Sisters.

End Rant.

Much love,

~ Lena





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