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That Phone Call

Twice now in two years I’ve gotten “that phone call.”  The first time, my daughter herself called me.  She’d called me less than five minutes prior to let me know she was on her way home in the heavy rain at night.  The Holy Spirit had already prompted me- I just knew when I answered the phone that second time- that there had been an accident.  Her car had hydroplaned on the wet road covered with heavy rain and low visibility.  She lost control and did donuts in the bar ditch.  She came to a sudden stop hitting a tree.  Her car was finished but she was fine.  Shaken, scared, and a bit of seat belt burn, but just fine.

Nearly a year later, I got another phone call as recently as a few weeks ago.  This one was unprompted, unprepared, and caught me off guard.  She was on her way to Huntsville to dog sit for some friends.  On the way she stopped over in Madisonville to check into some salons for possible job opportunities.  Neither of those panned out.  She’d messaged me and said that God had closed those doors she’d stick with plan A.  I had closed my computer to keep from distraction and hadn’t realized my cell was on silent.

The house phone rang; a registered nurse on the scene was talking to me on my daughter’s cell phone.  She was being so informative- with information but I was not processing very well.  She had been in a hit and run.  The woman had instructed her not to move, the air bag had deployed and my daughter was very scared.  They had called the ambulance and witness’ had all stopped and responded to help her.  I am so thankful for them- even though I don’t know who they were.

By the time I got myself together and flew out the front door it was beginning to all sink in.  All I could do was pray.  I’d called her dad, texted the other two kiddos.  I set my black pearl in route to get to her as soon as possible.  I sailed to Madisonville and arrived at the scene of the accident to find a large wet spot on the road but no sign of anyone.  I went to the hospital to find my child.  I went to the window in the ER.  There was no one posted there.  The others waiting in the room said, I guess no one is here today.

I didn’t stop there or wait for an invitation; I let myself in and found some nurses.  They did direct me to her quite quickly.  It turns out she looked worse than she was.  God was with her.  His amazing grace is so wonderful- I am a believer that he protects us.

So what happened? She was headed down 75 S. leaving town when a guy in a white four door car pulled out in front of her.  It was to close.  She hit the brakes as she was hitting him.  It spun her around and him across the intersection.  Witness’ were talking to her and assessing her situation when he put his car in reverse and drove away.  Just like that he left her sitting there.  There was nothing she could have done to prevent it.

Little Sis is fine.  She had some bumps and bruises with some seat belt burn on her chest.  She had just got her lil car “Colbi” from her Uncle and Aunt.  She’d had it for 2 1/2 months or so.  It was a standard and she’d learned really well how to drive it. In fact that’s what she was most sad about as she was sitting and waiting for the ambulance. She’d worked so hard to learn to drive it.

I hope I never have to get “that phone call” again for any of my family.  I would rather have the call then not know though.  She knew that because it wasn’t her voice on the phone I would worry even more. I was going to fuss and rant about the person that caused this whole ordeal.  I choose not to – instead gratitude is what’s needed.

I am thankful Lord that you protected my daughter.

I am thankful Lord that you provided a RN to respond on the scene to reassure lil sister and me.

I am thankful for the phone call.

I am thankful for my safe trip to find my baby.

I am thankful for my husband’s parents for coming to sit with me, to be a help, and to feed us. (Thank u Grandpa)

I am thankful for the boyfriend- for coming to see her.

I am thankful for Hunny for calling the police, finding the car, and all his efforts to solve the mystery.

I am thankful for our church family for their immediate prayers and love.

I am thankful the grace God gives for us to get up and go again.

Hugs your kids- it’s just that important.



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