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Favorite Tunes

The radio in my car doesn’t work.  No FM or even the vintage-ness of AM.  I am always amazed when I ride with other people that their radio works. What a nice feature that is for a car to have. How can something so simple be so annoying?

My black pearl does have a disk changer.  I’ve changed the few disks I have out and wore them out.

I’ve had my moments when I am stressed and just want to listen to something other than my own thoughts.  Even talk radio has its appeal somedays. Don’t get me wrong I like quiet.

I’ve grown up in an era of free radio. I simply refuse to pay what Sirus XM is offering, seriously. And why can’t the free preview station they give on my car be something even remotely worth listening to.

I must say I love the Spotify web player.  It’s free- and I have made playlists for whatever is going on.  No, it doesn’t help me in the car- unless I pay for that too!

They have free music to tailor to your mood or liking.  Downside is yes, it does take time to customize a list or you can select an already premade one.

I can set it to random and play all of my favorite songs while I work, clean, sew, write, or sleep.

I’ll probably have to wait to get tunes in my car when I get a new ride. Some time in the future.  Gotta have goals!

I do have some favorites since you asked. You might wanna look up some of these and them check out.

The Love of God  – Katy Kinard

Come Thou Fount-  FFH

Redeemed-  Big Daddy Weave

Red Letters – DC Talk

I’m Not who I was-  Brandon Heath

Come as you are-   Crowder

Even if-  Mercy Me

We Believe-  Newsboys

Home- Chris Tomlin

Blessed Be Your Name- Newsboys

Fill your heart and soul with good tunes.  Positive tunes to keep you hitting on all cylinders all day!

~ Lena

“The Lord is my strength and song, and is become my salvation.” (Psalm 118:14)