10 things I can’t live without!

It goes without saying that I can’t live without the Grace of God and my Savior. My Hunny Bun and three kiddo’s hang the moon in my world.  Just this once I went outside that box for some frivolous things that I wouldn’t wanna live without.

10.  Air conditioning

9.  Essential Oils

8.  My peanuts blanket

7.  My flowers

6.  My furry friend, Lady

5.  Lemon in my water

4.  Yogurtland!

3.  BBQ

2.  Coleslaw

1. Coffee with cream

Let it be understood, I can live without these- but why would you wanna!

I should be ashamed that pen and paper didn’t make the list nor did my faithful laptop.  However, those fit in the needs category like water, toliet paper, and shelter.  🙂

“Let your needs be realistic, your wants be few, and your giving generous.”



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