Room of the Rest

Can we just talk about Bathrooms for a minute please? I’m referring to the public variety.  I suppose they are more commonly referred to as the “Restroom”.  The room of the rest is the popular place where the business gets tended.  Where contemplating, solving of world problems and great ideas are often pondered.  Even long before I was diagnosed with this autoimmune disorder I had an overactive bladder therefore doubling my frequency of visits to this place of relief.


Can’t you just see the notation in this picture? The queen once frequented here.  If she had- I’m sure she’d have a thing or two to say about the facilites.  I’ve noted just a few thoughts on the subject that will be of no surprise to you.

I know where all the bathrooms in a two-hour radius of my home are located and not all potty breaks are counted equal.  Some get chosen out of sheer desperation.

For those bathrooms built with the actual woman in mind I say Thank You in advance for your consideration.  For those that were just thrown together because someone might need that hole- I’m staring at you with a raised eye brow and a tapping toe.

There are a few places around that have made it their business to provide a service  around the whole guarantee that folks will have to do either the #1 or the #2 on any given day- everyday.

Recently we stopped for a lunch, us gals at a Mexican restaurant.  I, as always had to pay a visit to the loo.  As most of us do we open the door and access the situation.  It’s clear, no biohazards visible to the naked eye.  I step in and turn to latch the door and the door hit me in the nose. I hadn’t realized how close I was to the door.  I took a step back and nearly fell into the porcelain wonder.  I looked back up and the door and it is literally a quarter of an inch from my face.  Maybe they were conserving space.  Maybe the guy was facing the wrong way when he measured to build that stall.

I do get tired of all the visits.  I have walked in and immediately turned around and walked out to find another. How about the ever popular grocery store relieving room? The toilet paper dispenser is low, not low on paper but mounted way low.  You have to lay on your own lap and reach under to tear off pieces of paper that refuse to roll off. On the off chance you get that spinning wheel going it will unroll enough for three bums and it hits floor- eww.. Why is the floor wet and yucky?

Have you ever been to the ones with gaps between the doors as wide as the Grand Canyon and someone’s child is playing spooky peek a boo through the crack.  Even worse  they are crawling on the floor.  ick.

I particularly dislike the ones with no hook.  Strategically you have to hold your purse or phone and keys because there is nowhere to set them.  You can’t utilize the sink your things might just walk off while you are vulnerable.

Is it too much to ask for a clean bathroom, a place to set your stuff, a dispenser that actually dispenses toilet paper, hand soap and paper towels or dryer? Is there no common decency?

This one place I visited while I was in the middle of a flare.  I wasn’t thrilled with being out shopping but had no choice at all.  They keep the door locked.  I walked all the way to the room to find it locked, all the way back to the register, and all the way back to the room.  I finally got to go-and complete my walk all the way back to return the key.  I really do get it.  Some people are filth and thieves.  So, they take drastic measures, but really- stealing in the Dollar Store.

I have one word for most department store bathrooms– Ventilator! They have the worst smell and it just lingers and stays.  When they built they bathroom they strategically planned the pots why not plan the air. If you were at home you’d open the window, turn on the vent fan, and get some fresh air. Why do they not have a better air system?

I know it’s all about money.  They don’t make money off of us using the bathroom.  Ah but do they?  I go to places that I know will have a good- clean bathroom.

Back years ago the town I grew up in had a large greyhound terminal.  They had a pretty big bathroom there.  You had to pay quarters to use it. Granny had said we didn’t wanna go in there.  We’d just wait till be got home.  Whether or not she was talking about the actual filth or just not wanting to pay to pee- I just don’t know.  Yep, it was just like a bathroom vending machine! You pay them to take your @#!..  Well you know it was right next to it was the cigarette machine you could put change in and get some squares or stogies for your trip. Random thought- that’s off subject.

Nope I’m not advocating the pay to pee project.  I am advocating a more appreciative life style.  Purchase if you can something for their hospitality.  Thank them if the facilities smells clean-.

Someone has to clean it.  Thank You for doing your job.  It’s a yucky job- but someone has to do it.  So do it with rubber gloves,  honor, and Pine sol.  🙂   I was that cleaning lady once- upon a time.

Last tip; make sure your trash makes it in the can and not on the floor. Don’t contribute to the filth.  I’ve been known to be a Mom even in public and flush a pot or two- even though it wasn’t my deposit.

Its big business- be kind- always flush,


P.S. Don’t smoke in there either- the perfume is not hiding anything.






photo credit: CJS*64 <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/16210667@N02/26429326875″>Somewhere to sit !</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/”>(license)</a&gt;