Book Review

Operation Bonnet

Book: Operation Bonnet

Author: Kimberly Stuart

Genre: Inspirational Romance

Pages: 266

I really am a hard critic. For me to read a book I have to get sucked in within 2.5 pages or I'm a goner. It really has to be a good book.   I don't have much time to sit around to read.

I will take a book to read during those awkward moments at doctor's offices, the dentist, and the ever popular driver's license office to avoid talking to people. Do other states have the same long waiting experience that we have here in Texas and the DL office?  Random thought.

So I'm gonna give you my two cents worth book review on Operation Bonnet a cleaver novel written by Kimberly Stuart. I like reading Amish books and I've read quite a few. This book was so different from any of the other that I've ever read. It's written from a completely different perspective.

Growing up in the 80s and 90s was a unique time period only we understand.  There were so many references to things that I hadn't even thought twice about since entering adulthood. Her humor was absolutely hilarious and characters were easy to follow and refreshing. This book also touched home as I had grandparents (yes, plural) who suffered from Alzheimer's. The difficulty and attachment that one feels during that painful disease affects everyone around them. This author focuses as positively as possible while touching home on the realities.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants something fun to read. You'll find it that hanging out in the Christian fiction section at the library or at your favorite bookstore.

I look forward to reading more from this quirky brilliant authoress.

Read a book- its brain food!

~ Lena


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  1. Good to know!
    And the DL process in OK is way worse than TX…at least to get your first license! We had to go to the DL place and wait forever or schedule a time and you better not miss it! Then after going through that they give you a piece of paper to take to a tag agency and that’s where you actually get your picture taken and get your card. Crazy!


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