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The Plague

What do you do when your computer dies? Ahh! How about scream, cry, shout lavishly ugly words and profanities while unplugging to lunge it across the room? Ok, so I didn’t do the latter- but oh I wanted to.

Why does it drive you to want to get a hammer and beat the holy tar out of it? This anxiety isn’t limited to computers I find it’s a side effect of electronic dependency.

I’m not a tech goo roo. I don’t know all the ends and outs of the computer tech world. I plead stupid. I keep up and pay for virus and malware protections. I make sure that the computer up dates. I delete files after I don’t need them. I get rid of clutter.

My daughter’s computer went haywire and infected all the others around us. So it’s contagion – passed someway from messages and videos on fb. It’s like the Black Plague of Trojans. It killed hers, mine, and Hunny Buns.   In fact, I don’t have the damage report yet, but there may be no going back. 😦

Whoever is the author of such costly nonsense you have not impressed me. You have most certainly made a name for yourself to be snarled at the kitchen table. You’ve not helped. You have fueled a system that wants our whole digital life up on a cloud somewhere to protect it from ruin. That irritates me.

I use my computer to pay bills, order groceries, movies, homeschool, to write, pictures, resumes, and countless hours of research.

With that all being ranted- if I’m sparse cut me some slack, Now you know why. I’ve been temporarily  disconnected from the sphere.

I shall bum borrow and beg from Frida, Charles, and Sue.  I still don’t have any tech advice for you.  My word of caution would be to beware of the links on Fb and find a techie.  Feed your new friend cookies and brownies in hopes he’ll help wade the waters.

Still Blessed,

Not to day Satan!

P.S. Glory to God!– I thought I had moved my book onto the USB drive. I checked today and it was not there. My computer had crashed the black screen of death -I saw it. I prayed over the computer and plead the blood of Jesus and turned it on and it worked. It was just long enough for me to move it to the drive and to print a hardcopy. I cannot express how relieved I am. God is so good even in silly simple little things.

Coincidence – I think not !💜



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