Book Review

The Measure of a Lady

Book: The Measure of a Lady

Author: Deeanne Gist

Pages: 314

Copyright: 2006

Genre: Love inspired historical fiction

Did I mention that I love a good Western? A movie or a book either way it is my favorite genre.

The storyline of this book had so much action and suspense going at every turn. Right off I aligned with one of the three siblings identifying her struggle and duty.

The author uses a vast amount of description and adjectives. Occasionally I found myself scanning past those sections for the real plot and juicy story line.

Several of the scenes were based on true events. That had me completely baffled at their odd normality in that day and time.

The author is a native Texan who attended college at Texas A&M and lives in Houston. That intrigued me more than the book at first as I wanted to read something my neighbor wrote.

Good book over all – I would read her again!!