POST 10 months IC

This post seems fitting as this month is Interstitial Cystitis awareness month.  Most folks have never heard of the disease before. It affects mostly women but isn’t limited to ladies.

It does seem surreal that it’s only been 10 months.  It actually seems a lot longer you know in cat year’s kind’a thing. We could say we were a survivor in gluten years, one actual year to three gluten free years.  Everywhere you go- there is some form of the contaminating contagion looming around like a bio hazard.  Thanksgiving will mark the 1 year hash tag on my calendar when life became excessively complicated.

There are quite a few folks around me that have been welcomed into the ranks of eating difficulties, with life style impairment, and looking for pain management  tips. You are thinking that’s pretty sad. Yes, it can be.  Especially when people keep telling me that I’m too young to be living this way.  NO kidding- I hadn’t thought of that. I’ve not graced 40 yet, but we are keeping that one under wraps.

I like to think that I’m doing pretty well keeping all things in proper perspective.  Some unnamed family members around me like to flash their food police badge with threatening looks.  I know that they mean well and hate to see self-inflicted pain.  So, where are we at really?  People ask, so how are you really?

Really, I have pain every day, restless nights and sluggish mornings. It’s simply not worth the sympathy looks and hot air spent on the recognition.  I am tired of being tied to the illness.  If there were any fun in public sympathy that is all passed as well. The buck is ready to be passed on.

I had gotten where I could tolerate a few more grains that now I’ve had to re-scratch off of my list.  Wheat- Gluten is still an off limits no no.  I ate a few French fries the other day and caused me a half day and a night of intense blading in my gutt.  I had gotten so relaxed in doing better that it had not occurred to me that they fried those fries in the same grease as the chicken strips. Crazy right- nope cross contamination is a real danger.

I do find it utterly amazing how many people don’t know what wheat is in- and that it’s in flour.  I’ll ask a waitress at the restaurant about the fish batter.  She sweetly replies it’s just cornmeal, flour, and seasonings.  You can have that right- there is no wheat in there?  You just wanna scrunch your nose – and say awaa; how cute to be so innocent. 🙂

I’ve gotten on corn- a bad crutch and I really need to re-eliminate it from my diet. Corn is so versatile- tortillas, chips, – mmm- Mexican food. This is Texas after all.  We have more Mexican Restaurants than any other- with the exception of BBQ.  We have equal portions of both.

Center block of his Quilt

I do spend a lot of time writing, my book story line is completed!  I am in the never ending phase of editing.

 I am teaching me to play the piano– I’ve dabbled over the years. I am trying really hard to get it.  My left brain and right brain don’t play well together- they are always fussing.

I am still teaching a ladies group twice a month on Fervent Prayer. This has taught me far more than I could have predicted.

I am reading and reading- my favorite BFF librarian is keeping me in quality literature to feed my mind.

 I’ve pulled out the Bernie (my sewing machine).  She thought I forgot her and began my youngest son’s graduation quilt.  Yes, I said- youngest and graduation all in the same sentence. Keeping him focused on his lessons – is almost too much.

 I am also trying to get back in the kitchen.  My family has picked up the slack for so long.

On any given day my juggling act is pretty pitiful. I have to remember that when I’m tired I have to stop. When I sneak coffee or tea every now and then- it’s absolutely wonderful- but boy I pay for it.

Sunset watching crew

There is life after IC- it’s a little slower, trial and error, constantly learning and pushing through!

If you share this disease – I encourage you to keep pushing- don’t give up.  My body may be sick but Mind doesn’t have to be!

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7)

Walking in his Grace,



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