Just Five

How about a high five?  Do kids even do that anymore?  My chronic illness pet and taught me to enjoy life in different ways.  I thought of just five things Interstitial Cystitis keeps me from.

1. The movies- So, really it is just a personal preference. I hate pay for a movie that I’m going to miss multiple segments of. Getting out three times go to the bathroom is not my idea of a good movie.  If they would just hit pause for me it would be a fantastic experience.  We are fans of Amazon Prime,  which is how we solved that dilemma, in the theater of my living room with the pause feature and restroom accessibility. They have the best organic popcorn. 🙂

2. Dying my hair- I’m super sensitive to everything, now adding hair dye, hairspray, moose’s, make up, and many lotions had to go. Say, hello to muddy water hair.  Little Sister used a product called Henna. It is a natural hair dye.  It was supposed to be chestnut brown and pulled more of a red tint.  It’s not my favorite and I’m just not ready to embrace gray no matter how much I keep saying I am.

3. Limited beverages- I drink mostly water day in and day out.  I sneak a glass of tea or coffee when no one is looking. Lately, I’ve had the hankering for a Margarita, that’s probably stress related. Did I mention my daughter is getting married? Moving on quickly.

4. Bread- There is life past bread, I know.  Many of us live normal lives every day without the fluffy stuff. I admit I still miss it- most of all on a Hamburger! My favorite food since childhood.

5. Exercise- So you can’t tell I wasn’t super keen on this subject as a sport or a pastime.  However, excessive work, shopping, walking, catches up with me and leaves me to rest no matter what the requirements that are still before me. Pacing myself has become a new idea right along with naps. Naps are pretty awesome. I recommend them, they aren’t just for rainy, cold days, or Sunday afternoon.

God has certainly blessed me. I hope that I can continue to be a blessing for him. I hope you hear me laughing in the back ground as you read this.

Proverbs 17:22 – A merry heart doeth good [like] a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.