Just Life

Lost Pen

I seem to have dropped my pen somewhere along the way.  Have you seen it lying around?  I’ve had plenty on the burner but have lacked the will, the energy, and wherewithal to manage it to the paper.  Today has been a most productive day. It is cool outside and warm inside, cozy, and just perfect for me.

I spent the whole of this year blogging twice a week without fail when suddenly and quite abruptly the entries just stopped.  I would have to admit that my work of fiction is in the editing phase of development.  The paper finds me dripping with red ink and suggests that maybe I shouldn’t dabble at words in print. That alone isn’t the whole story as to what has kept me away.

We are in wedding planning mode right in the midst of the turkey days that we treasure up as the holidays.  Sewing here and there, shopping on any available day Cat has to spare, cooking, and yes- fa la la la must continue as ordained in the schedule.

I broke out in this hideous, itcheous, rasheous (yep, totally made those up), rash that aided inconvenience to my life.  It’s not summer and that was one small consolation to be thankful for.  I suspected at first the itchathon to be shingles.  Son was convinced of ivy origins. And this is where Google can be a valuable asset or your death sentence.  Beware the search engine.  😃

I decided after much research and investigations that it was a food interaction.  I’m still not on a first name basis with the true identity of the infectious foe.  This sneaky little ingredient has caused me to restrict to a very basic diet,  implement intermittent fasting, and break for boo koos of rest.  Would you believe me if I told you it was working? The insidious eczema is nearly gone after two weeks of miserable cohabitation.

But you’ll never guess what I made today… Gluten Free Chicken and Dressing! Happy Dance!

I sure hope your Thanksgiving was thankful and pray your Christmas be about Christ. I may be sporadic for a while just know, I’ve missed you.