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Winter Wedding

From the time of my Bug’s engagement back in October of this last year we have catapulted through fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.  What a fast blur of holidays and wedding shopping mayhem it has been? While I can say it was extremely tight and challenging to pull off a wedding this time of year we did find great sales and bargains.

The wedding turned out simply beautiful. Many folks had a hand in pulling this one off.  The happy couple is honeymooning on the Texas coast having a fantastic time.

photo credit: Rachel Easterling

How am I? I’m so enthused you asked.  It’s really not all about me, but that’s what this here blog is all about, the daily walk and struggles with this disease.  Sew Few Spoons, I used up two weeks’ worth of spoons in just two days. I had told myself there was no way I could do what I did.  And yet, with God’s Grace- again, I did. I outsourced some of what I could afford.  Many of the items we could have done for ourselves and most certainly have done in the past.  I reduced my load and paid people to do them.  Hold on to your bonnet- even the wedding dress alterations! Yep, I didn’t do them. The thought of cutting on that dress gave me and hyperventilating anxiety attack.  I still had several full days of work on my feet preparing for this memorable occasion.

I managed it pretty well at least- I think- I did.  My face must have told a different story. All day people kept asking me, “Are you OK?”  Really, I was and I am.  God is so amazing, I have such unexplainable perfect peace for my daughter.   God’s blessing was apparent in the whole day.  I did have my break down but not at the time or situation you would have imagined it to be.  That would be a whole nother blog- if God chooses to use it.

By the time it was all over down to the clean up my bladder felt and resembled the decorum of a pumpkin.  It had become quiet angry and defiant.  I hadn’t ate all day and once I’d realized that fact it was too late.  The family got me home and into the trusty recliner for needed rest and feet elevation.

Sunday I stayed home with my furry friend to rest and recoup from overdoing.  Would I have it any other way?  Would you?  Absolutely NOT!   I’d do it again to see the joy on her face and the tear face emotions he couldn’t hide when he saw her.  It was worth it all.  My house looks like a wedding vomited up in the living room and yes, we are tired of cake. The laundry is spreading like a disease and the dishes taunt me.

Tomorrow life begins slowly again.  Cleaning, straitening, and hopefully — back to writing for me. My book is still in the editing phase and I sure hope to get back to that and our little writers club at our local library.

I have messaged and posted thanks to so many and I really, really am so overwhelmed at the Love shown this weekend for us and my kids.

God’s Richest Blessings to My Bug and her New Hunny Bun, for their new story being written.