Still in the Game

I’m just not hitting on all cylinders today.  The winds of change have knocked the breath out of me, so to speak.  I realized today, that I’ve missed our visits.  I have been quite busy- and have had to prioritize. I was asked to share a word, at our local Women’s meeting at our church this week.  I has some requests for my notes and thought I’d just share them.  This is what God had laid on my heart.  I hope you are encouraged also, to become more active in ministries.   ~ Lena

Studying God’s word is hard. Because all of a sudden, it’s an emergency, kids need clean pants, Hunny needs coffee and money, the girls need their bank balance- right NOW, and the blind cat is on the screen door attacking ready for his breakfast.  Studying for me is still hard even when everyone is all gone and I’m home alone.  I find “All the things” that need to be done, instead of sitting down to open a portion of God’s word.  I told myself, “Self, after the guys off to work and you finished the dishes.  I. Am. Studying.”  I don’t always obey self.  🙂 Over an hour later, I was engrossed in sorting my sock drawer, when I’d realized that I had allowed myself to be distracted!   Coincidence, I think NOT!

In preparation for teaching this session, I had some divine revelation or inspiration or so I thought, about a month ago. I can only surmise that it was for my sole benefit as I have lost my notes and can’t recall enough to share. We will table that for a later date.

As I sat and pondered which direction to go with this moment in time, I prayed and asked God to show me. He led me to a topic and anthem I’ve tossed around for over a year.  You ladies have a few years of general life experience on me and seriously, I feel unqualified to stand before you as your guide for this session.

So we are clear, to attend this session today you have to have a health problem?  I am sure you have some pretty cool ailments to top one another.  So name one –with no explanation.  Just one.

It’s good to know we are in like company.  And so everyone knows, “the perfect body/well rested woman’s seminar” is down the hall for all the perfect people. There is no one there by the way.

Many of you know, I just turned 40.  I never ever saw myself as forty, I guess I thought I’d stay in my invincible early twenties forever. With all of God’s blessings in my life- some of those blessings, I would not have achieved if not for the health bumps in the road.  I have been diagnosed with 3 chronic diseases in the last two years.

  • PTLS, Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome in English that just means I have “crazy woman hormones.”
  • IC, Interstitial Cystitis – which is, “Angry fit throwing bladder syndrome.”
  • Celiac’s dermatitis herpetiformis, is basically a cranky- irritable gut that causes pain and a miserable rash unexpectedly. Anywhere.

I feel like these diseases have taken over me and have a hold on my life- they have altered not just my body but the very foundation of me. The keep me from doing things in everyday life.  It’s so easy to dwell on my issues, my conditions, and problems.  Then the excuses begin to roll as to all the reasons why I can’t do something. I get sucked into an emotional “why me”, vacuum.  Can you relate to making excuses?  Instead of doing what we can, we step back completely- to let someone else do it all together. “We will just let those young folks do it all- they don’t need us.”  To remove oneself from the game and sit on the sidelines and fuss uhm, well that is another…blog.  hmm… Well. Moving on.

When you ask Jesus into your heart, he saved you and God forgave you; you and I didn’t have to work for our salvation.  Our salvation is a beautiful gift, we just celebrated the remembrance of this with Easter, and God’s gift is free to all. Now, that we possess something so priceless and eternal, (that salvation-) we have in return no have an obligation.

(Obligation? Don’t run away yet, someone hold the door– stay with me?)

You count on me to be frank, and ladies, this whole obligation thing that we have as Christians isn’t only for the healthy- young folks. If God hasn’t taken you home to His glory- then you are still listed as active in his book and you are in the game.  You can’t just bench yourself, that’s the coach’s job.  Our country is in great turmoil and the youth are being played against us.  Our kids, grandkids, neighbor kids, church kids, young couples, newlyweds, young people around us need encouragement, support, and sometimes our wisdom to do the right thing- to live the right way.  They need living examples practicing what we believe- daily. They need blessings and hope.  Can they see God in YOU?  Have they heard about Him in your speech?

But I can’t…do… well,  Life is inconvenient, yet Life is only for the Living.  God has called us out. I Peter 2:9, we (All of us) are chosen generation.  We are special by design with a purpose.  We have been called to further the gospel (Matthew 28:19-20).  You can’t go abroad and witness as a missionary; I know, I can’t go either.  But what we can do.  .  ..Is right here, right where God has us!

I have seven ideas- none of which will be a surprise to you.  I hope you take them as a challenge for this year to be active in any way you can.

  • Attend church. There are so many services to choose from.  Your presence there tells the young folks that church is important to you too.  Why should they come- if they older folks don’t? They follow by example.  Let’s be that Titus 2 woman that teaches girls how to be good/loving mothers to their families- by living the example.
  • Choose JOY. Don’t count your ailments- count your blessings.  I Thessalonians 5:15 says, in everything give thanks! You have to make a conscience effort sometimes to not be depressed and down. You do have a choice.
  • Encourage others. Even if you are limited from your chair at home you can be an encourager with notes, cards, phone call, text messages, – Personal thoughts mean so much and could be pivotal in their day!
  • Help out at activities! Its one thing for kids to see you at church and quite another to be out in public- working with/for the church. Make church a priority in your life. Sit at the table, give a short amount of time, get a friend to tag team with you, – again, you receive a blessing and you are being a witness.
  • Give.  Ah yes, with money but also your time too. Be a helper, work the glue gun at VBS, restroom Nanny, classroom helper, or a cookie hero.  There are lots of area that you can serve on many different levels.
  • Even though I put this here on the list, it is the most important job we have.  Above all things. Never stop praying. Even is that’s all you get done on any given day.  Lift up your family, friends, church children, our president, and leaders to God. It’s the most honorable of all jobs given to us.  I Thessalonians 5:17
  • Whatever you are able to do… don’t shy away, do it heartily as to the Lord (Colossians 3:23). No matter what your limitations are.  Serve as though you were serving the Lord himself, with joy and deliberate purpose.

I had asked God to remove the bladder disease from my life three times.  And the third time he spoke softly in my heart with the words of this verse.  My grace is sufficient for thee:  for my strength is made perfect in weakness.  That is found in 2 Corinthians 12:9.   It is my most treasured verse that I live each day by for this season of my life.  God is gonna give me the grace that I need for today.  Today, I may only get the dishes done and prayers lifted for my family.  And that is OK.  I have done the very best I could do- for the Lord.  I have learned that when I am week- I look to him for strength and he is so faithful to provide.

I encourage you, to not give up, don’t back away, don’t quit, and don’t lose heart because HIS grace is just as Sufficient for you.



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