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So, Yeah, I had these plans yesterday.  Monday’s always live up to their standards of being the highly decorated and most favorite day of the week.  Mmm.  Nah, I’m pulling your leg now.  Yesterday, Monday, I did have these plans to do the author thing, to drown myself in the written word, google searches, and litter the living room with history books.  Recovering from a fantastic weekend filled with family from the coast, Gluten Free Pizza, and More family, I had “super-duper I love my family” hangover.  I had been warned by my Hunny Bun to “take it easy.”  Now you have the Eagles singing in your head right?  “I outa take it take it easy!”  Someone should’a been here to intervene.


We do have a learning aquaponics system.  It’s my sweetie pies pet project, only he’s not here to maintain and tend to said pet fishes. I have been Mrs. Aqua Fish Mom and yesterday you would have thought I got in that tank and went for a swim. I smelled the part.  We had somewhere around 16 fish die and that called for evasive maneuvers.  I drained the swamp J (intended), I filled the tank up with water to keep the fish alive, and then I drained it, some more.  It’s not great now but a whole lot better.  So, I only lost two more fish this morning. Those two were listing around swimming like a drunk sailor last night and I just didn’t have the heart to take them out until they gave up the breath.

Then after a quick quesadilla, Son fixed the flats on ole Yellow Bessie, and I mowed till dark.  He got the tractor humming and took it out for a spin.  Several spins at slow motion pace, he shredded the front pastures while I got around the house and out by the road.   While out by the road, I waved at the neighbors, I couldn’t really see them ‘cause the evening sun goes to bed behind their house.  I chuckled to myself.  I’m an author. Is this is what an author does?

I have an author friend, she told me that when she got published she went and got her a little car that was a convertible so, and she could zoom around with top down.  That’s what authors do right? She said, she thought that’s what it was all about. This friend has sold over 2.5 million a far cry from my 100 books sold.

When I was young, I remember telling my Mom, that I was going have a maid when I grew up. Well, I wouldn’t have time to clean because I’m traveling the world with George Strait playing fiddle in his band, now would I?  That’s the foolishness of a child right, I am the maid.  I cleaned houses in high school, after high school, while pregnant, after babies, and I am still cleaning- my house anyway.

As I was making my laps in the lawn mower, I laughed because this is an Author’s life.  This is the glorious mundane life that spurs the imagination. The grass still needs mowing and the swamp draining.  My farmgirl life gave me great perspective in the first book and will continue to do I hope.  Now to some more house cleaning to keep my feet planted humbly on the floor.

Who knows what I really thought #Authorlife would be like.  However my life is so unique it shatters all normal parameters. But, it’s mine.  I am blessed, blessed, and more blessed.

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.  .  .”  (James 1:7)  

I had an idea yesterday about writing a children’s book staring a fish.  Probably won’t materialize, but I had fun brainstorming while watching them swim around.

~Keep Cool,




photo credit: Thomas Hawk <a href=”″>Powell’s Books</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;

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