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Just Real Life

My IC caught up with me today.  I have had a pretty amazing last two weeks.  The flurry of excitement of going and doing has finally taken its toll on my body.  I am laid up in my trusty recliner with my furry pal to keep me company while the family is out to church. … Continue reading Just Real Life

IC · Just Life

Never Stop..

My writing prompt for the day is as follows: What is something that I’d like to learn or grow better in? I love it when my kids want to learn something new.  My Sweetheart is learning all about Aquaponics.  He's made great strides with his planters, rocks, plants, to now he has water flowing with… Continue reading Never Stop..

Book Review


Book: Adam- the McNaughton Legacy Author: Genie Clark Pages: 90 Copyright: 2016 Genre: Clean Fiction This little novella offered particular insight for the character of Adam from the McNaughton family. The oldest of three children he has a particular way about him that you can sympathize with.  The setting is in rural Leon County between… Continue reading Adam


Gluten Free Biscuits

So, I had a hanker 'in for biscuits. That's a terrible feeling when you can't have wheat. Gluten free breads can be kind of tricky- sometimes they are spongy, heavy, and taste like card board.  The quest for good tasty- homemade from scratch comfort food is certainly a noble venture. It's only been a year… Continue reading Gluten Free Biscuits