Fear is a Liar

It happened.  To me.  Like never before.  I had some moments throughout my living history where circumstances would grip me.  I thought I'd experienced "it" - each person's experience is unique unto themselves and mine no different to my own depth. Random physical ailments pop-up as blaring red flags like the check engine light on… Continue reading Fear is a Liar

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My Girl Vera

From the heart I share- I hope you read with care. .  .  . Quiet and reserved she sits by the window, collecting her thoughts while basking in the sunlight.  The noises have tapered only to the sound of dogs crunching on dog food, chickens clucking, and the click of the key board. My girl Vera… Continue reading My Girl Vera

Just Life

Around the corner

I have been fighting for the time to sit down and blog. I've just about determined that I'm going to have to get up at the crack of dawn in order to have the time. Life keeps throwing curve balls at me and between my health and my kids, let's say that it has been… Continue reading Around the corner


Diary Entry

I am simply overloaded! Everyone I know is overloaded.  I can't ask for help.  I have so many projects that there is a need for an intervention.  Seriously, my projects have projects and my lists have lists. Oh, dear, would you like cream in your coffee?  I have had two cups already and earlier I… Continue reading Diary Entry

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Author Life

So, Yeah, I had these plans yesterday.  Monday’s always live up to their standards of being the highly decorated and most favorite day of the week.  Mmm.  Nah, I’m pulling your leg now.  Yesterday, Monday, I did have these plans to do the author thing, to drown myself in the written word, google searches, and… Continue reading Author Life

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Have some Coffee. . .

Come in, Come in.  How are you?  It’s been such a long time since we’ve had time to visit like this.  I have coffee on in the kitchen.  Help yourself.  I am in the chair today exercising my mind for my body isn’t too compliant. Isn’t this rain wonderful!?  It’s been raining so soft and… Continue reading Have some Coffee. . .