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Fur Family

I've had a couple of chronic illness days slapping me in the face. It's more like throbbing in the head and achey joints. I've not felt good at all and for said reasons; I've been sticking it real close to the chair. Saturday, I did get out onto the porch a bit to write before… Continue reading Fur Family


Happy Dance

Sufficient Grace Novels

In the immortal words of Mrs. Doubtfire, Heelloo. I’m so glad you’re here for a visit. Let me get you a cuppa. No, I’m not British and we will have coffee not tea. I just thought it would be fun to say it that way. Son has left for work, the dishes are done, and the laundry is on. Now we may catch up.


I am realistically doing really well. I do feel like I am teetering on the edge of doing too many things again. I shall prevail though. At present, Son is home keeping me company in the evenings bouncing plot and scene ideas for our books. Yes! He is writing a book too. His is a fantasy Youth fiction, I believe. He is so great to listen to me work out cowboy scenes.

I did attend my second book sale and signing here in our local county…

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Jet Lag

Sufficient Grace Novels

What does the world look like through plain, lazy days? Well, I’m not sure. My calendar is still full and I am still going.  Sure, I did have a few down days here and there. For someone with three grown kids, I think I am busier now than I’ve been in years.  My brain has finally shifted gears from having wedding reception nightmares to the next exciting thing on my plate, the Launch of Book 2, Between Two Fires.  I am still a ways out and would love to have it out by Christmas, but not sure if that’s feasible.


You are gonna think I’m silly but that’s never stopped us from visiting before.  I needed to chill for a couple days and I’d decided it was time to get going on my novel again. I began reading my first book, Long Journey Home, which was released in March…

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When Sheep leave the Nest

Everywhere I go folks have taken notice of my three little blessings.  I have wondered most recently, "What were we thinking, having those kids so close together?" It's a secret, I'll share with you- - we were newlyweds and we weren't thinking!  We've done everything time three and all at once.  I don't regret it… Continue reading When Sheep leave the Nest


Hitting the Ceiling

I have sat to compose more than a few times these past few weeks.  Yet, my heart and mind haven't both been on the same page to fill this lot with words.  The emotional roller coaster that mirrors our life is soon to peak, just prior to a flailing crash.  Most of you know my… Continue reading Hitting the Ceiling

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Looking Forward

If I'd just let you into my office you'd see what kinda mess I'm in.  My cluttered piles of projects are quite reminiscent of my brain. My brain the logical me- full of lists, which is also a menagerie of "if I have time I'll do" and "ooh, I wanna do".  I glance at the… Continue reading Looking Forward