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Have some Coffee. . .

Come in, Come in.  How are you?  It’s been such a long time since we’ve had time to visit like this.  I have coffee on in the kitchen.  Help yourself.  I am in the chair today exercising my mind for my body isn’t too compliant. Isn’t this rain wonderful!?  It’s been raining so soft and… Continue reading Have some Coffee. . .

Book Review

Guarding the Legacy

Book:  Guarding the Legacy Author: Genie Clark Pages: 251 Genre: Romance Copyright: 2017 This week's book review is the third in the McNaughton family legacy series.  It is a bit thicker than the first two and is oh so good to read.  I was immediately immersed in this story.  This books gets a high mark… Continue reading Guarding the Legacy

Book Review


Book: Adam- the McNaughton Legacy Author: Genie Clark Pages: 90 Copyright: 2016 Genre: Clean Fiction This little novella offered particular insight for the character of Adam from the McNaughton family. The oldest of three children he has a particular way about him that you can sympathize with.  The setting is in rural Leon County between… Continue reading Adam

Book Review


Book: Rekindled Author:  Tamera Alexander Pages:  334 Copyright:  2006 Genre:  Christian Fiction This book- wow.  First off, I love the cover and totally wish I could use it or something close to it for my new book.  I had a real hard start getting going on this book.  The prologue was great but I had… Continue reading Rekindled

Book Review

The McNaughton

Book: The McNaughton Author: Genie Clark Pages: 211 Copyright: 2016 Genre: clean romance I have met two published authors both of which live pretty close to me, not that I'm bragging. Meeting a person does give you some incentive to want to read their book. This book was particularly interesting to me because it is… Continue reading The McNaughton

Book Review

The Measure of a Lady

Book: The Measure of a Lady Author: Deeanne Gist Pages: 314 Copyright: 2006 Genre: Love inspired historical fiction Did I mention that I love a good Western? A movie or a book either way it is my favorite genre. The storyline of this book had so much action and suspense going at every turn. Right… Continue reading The Measure of a Lady