Diary Entry

I am simply overloaded! Everyone I know is overloaded.  I can't ask for help.  I have so many projects that there is a need for an intervention.  Seriously, my projects have projects and my lists have lists. Oh, dear, would you like cream in your coffee?  I have had two cups already and earlier I… Continue reading Diary Entry


Still in the Game

I'm just not hitting on all cylinders today.  The winds of change have knocked the breath out of me, so to speak.  I realized today, that I've missed our visits.  I have been quite busy- and have had to prioritize. I was asked to share a word, at our local Women's meeting at our church… Continue reading Still in the Game

Celiac · Faith · IC

Defying the Death Sentence

Chronic Illness doesn't have to be a death sentence on your life physically or mentally.  Yet, it is true, when we are diagnosed, we go through this grief process of denial, anger, depression, and hopefully, finally coming to a place of acceptance somewhere down the road. Finding true peace and healing within ourselves starts in… Continue reading Defying the Death Sentence


Calendars, Joy, and Figgie Pudding

What’s the hardest thing to hold onto in our daily life?  It is the most single hardest thing to keep in my hands on any given day.  It is also the biggest hurdle for a chronically ailing person to grasp.   Here we go-- I’ve got those brain juices flowing now.  Oh sorry, here is a… Continue reading Calendars, Joy, and Figgie Pudding