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Fur Family

I've had a couple of chronic illness days slapping me in the face. It's more like throbbing in the head and achey joints. I've not felt good at all and for said reasons; I've been sticking it real close to the chair. Saturday, I did get out onto the porch a bit to write before… Continue reading Fur Family

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Author Life

So, Yeah, I had these plans yesterday.  Monday’s always live up to their standards of being the highly decorated and most favorite day of the week.  Mmm.  Nah, I’m pulling your leg now.  Yesterday, Monday, I did have these plans to do the author thing, to drown myself in the written word, google searches, and… Continue reading Author Life

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Wabbit Hunting

This is a glimpse from the past.  This is old post from July of 2009.  We had been on our new little homestead for a year and a half.  This is one of my fondest farmgirl memories- sitting up on that 2 1/2 ton truck.   Happy Hunting. 🙂  Lena I have been disgusted with the… Continue reading Wabbit Hunting

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Ridin’ around In my Automobile 🎶🎵

Guess who's gettin' her hair did? Shh.. don't tell her- she might bolt!

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Longhorn Mayhem

I sure wish, I'd had a cell phone back then and snapped a picture to go with this one.  Sis and I were remembering this one just the other day. 🙂 Hunny Bun, my dynamic duo partner loves to barter.  Hunny will work for someone sweating and laboring; all while making laundry for me and… Continue reading Longhorn Mayhem