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Fall Garden

Since being diagnosed with I C (Interstitial Cystitis) we have had to make changes as a family in the way that we eat. I always felt like we ate well but now we have to eat even better. There were basically two routes of treatment for me. Option 1. go the experimental clinical medicine dead… Continue reading Fall Garden

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It’s Not Good Bye…

Why is it so hard to say good bye? Nope, I am not referring to a crying, loving, or leaving country song.  It’s more like a real life reality show without the dramatic music and cliff hanger endings. I've started the process of liberating me from my house. More specifically, it is the collection of… Continue reading It’s Not Good Bye…



This year has been my season of flowers.  Each and every spring I get the gardening bug like everyone else.  I want to buy those cute little 6 packs of petunias or other ornamental foliage.  My trouble is at the end of each shopping trip I find the end of my grocery list, a full… Continue reading Flowers

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The love language of Coffee

Each family has their very own favorite set of quirks.  I don't mean that meanly either.  Quirky parents begat quirky kids.  Who grow up and repeat the process.  Kind of scary right? I learned recently of a family who puts lemon juice in their Dr. Pepper.  I see that eyebrow, raised.  To each his own-… Continue reading The love language of Coffee