Strategy 7

This strategy is on your purity.  We learned more about how the enemy tempts us in our weaknesses.  We are getting close to finishing up this book.  It has been such an enlightening study.  After the first of the year we'll be picking up a new book study! Keep tabs if you are interested on… Continue reading Strategy 7

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Strategy 1 Passion

Good Morning, If you are following our Fervent Prayer series I have the page up. You can find it on the Menu bar under Fervent or you can find it here: Strategy 1 Passion Last week I had a full week of helping out at VBS and we finished up on Saturday with Hannah's Daughters… Continue reading Strategy 1 Passion

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Serving God with Monkeys

My personal monkey likes to pee all the time.  It has a delicate diet and gets cranky when I've been out to long, or if I'm feeling particularly stressed- he does jumping jacks on my bladder.   Nope I don't have an alternative personality- nor am I making fun of that- but I do have… Continue reading Serving God with Monkeys