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When the New Wears Off. . .

I am post one year and two months into this unhinged reality that has latched its talons firmly in me. Gosh, it really seems like an eternity some days in some areas- almost like I’ve dealt with this my whole life.  It’s quite astounding as I guess I have in some way or another. I… Continue reading When the New Wears Off. . .


Post 7 months diagnosis

Well, how are ya? That is the most popular question I get.  It is truly measured on a day by day basis.  I find that I have less time to write when I feel good.  When I feel bad I have lots of sit down time and write the "oh woes me".  Which I really… Continue reading Post 7 months diagnosis



I have a new diagnosis to add to my repertoire confounding aches and complaints. Who doesn’t need another classification?   I’m not whining so don’t read me that way at all.  I am consumed with reading info- the good, the bad, and everything in between. I do have to pace myself- information overload has triggered a… Continue reading PTLS