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May’s Reflections

This very well could be the Monday-iest Tuesday ever in my life.  Likely because yesterday was a holiday and the kids were home.  My email box overfloweth with junk mail. The laundry taunts me every time I walk by the laundry room.  The dishes are soaking for their unrepentant sass and the dog has not… Continue reading May’s Reflections

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Impromptu Tuesday

And I overdid it. Again. It's hard not to "over do" when you feel good. I was hoping a nights rest would allow recovery from the excessive display of OCD that overcame me yesterday.  I hit the ground running when I got up. I slayed the "To Do" list.  I washed all the laundries! Swept… Continue reading Impromptu Tuesday

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Blizzards, the Flu, and Capacious Etchings

The day of my baby girls blessed union, I was asked the same question multiple times. "Are you OK?" Then they proceeded further. "No really, are you OK?"  If I had a nickel for every time I heard that phase prior, during, and after wedding. . . We all could load up and go to… Continue reading Blizzards, the Flu, and Capacious Etchings