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I've got just four simple things that we Christian's need to stop doing.  Christians should stop missing church. Too often the average church member pushes church services, church work, and ministries to take a back burner.  We allow ourselves to be noncommitted and conveniently busy. We may feel embarrassed or inadequate working in some areas of… Continue reading STOP!

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It’s Not Good Bye…

Why is it so hard to say good bye? Nope, I am not referring to a crying, loving, or leaving country song.  It’s more like a real life reality show without the dramatic music and cliff hanger endings. I've started the process of liberating me from my house. More specifically, it is the collection of… Continue reading It’s Not Good Bye…

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Strategy 1 Passion

Good Morning, If you are following our Fervent Prayer series I have the page up. You can find it on the Menu bar under Fervent or you can find it here: Strategy 1 Passion Last week I had a full week of helping out at VBS and we finished up on Saturday with Hannah's Daughters… Continue reading Strategy 1 Passion

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Why do I Write?

Really why do I put myself through this word hula hoop jumping contest?  It's like doing school for fun and I'm not getting a grade or even $$.  So, what the heck is that about? I do wonder why I keep this up some days.  It's not because I desire fame, fortune, or notoriety.  Stop… Continue reading Why do I Write?

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The love language of Coffee

Each family has their very own favorite set of quirks.  I don't mean that meanly either.  Quirky parents begat quirky kids.  Who grow up and repeat the process.  Kind of scary right? I learned recently of a family who puts lemon juice in their Dr. Pepper.  I see that eyebrow, raised.  To each his own-… Continue reading The love language of Coffee

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Chronic Illness World

Before being diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (in-ter-stish-uhl sĭ-stī'tĭs), I knew some ladies with chronic Illness. I knew a bit of her struggles and she had confided in me some of the challenges.  I had petitioned the Lord on her behalf many times for supernatural wisdom, strength, and divine blessings.   What I didn’t know was that… Continue reading Chronic Illness World