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My Girl Vera

From the heart I share- I hope you read with care. .  .  . Quiet and reserved she sits by the window, collecting her thoughts while basking in the sunlight.  The noises have tapered only to the sound of dogs crunching on dog food, chickens clucking, and the click of the key board. My girl Vera… Continue reading My Girl Vera

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Election Day

One of my kids asked me, "Mom- do I have to vote?"  After the rhetorical dumb founded look given from the nature of the question, I started to give her the sarcastic answer." Instead, I replied with, "Yes, it is your civic duty and responsibility as an American.  It really is a privilege that we… Continue reading Election Day

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open letter to my daughter

My dearest love, I pen this open letter to you for your benefit.  You see, I didn't do it all perfect or even all right. It comes as no surprise that I have made mistakes; you know this better than anyone. I can get short sighted and caught up in my own thunderstorm.   I… Continue reading open letter to my daughter

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That Phone Call

Twice now in two years I've gotten "that phone call."  The first time, my daughter herself called me.  She'd called me less than five minutes prior to let me know she was on her way home in the heavy rain at night.  The Holy Spirit had already prompted me- I just knew when I answered… Continue reading That Phone Call

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Perks of an Introvert

Personality identification was all the rage a while back with the kids.  A Mom can certainly identify her child and tell you what kind of personality he/she has.  The kids weren’t relying on ole Mom for their diagnosis- they wanted an unbiased scientific test to draw their conclusions. If you have no idea what personality… Continue reading Perks of an Introvert

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Alter Ego

Friendship can truly be a double edged sword. We have all had experiences that have shaped us in one way or another.  Some of that shaping has made us better for it; while it can cause others carry a chip on the shoulder remaining wounded and scarred. It's positive to take a step back and… Continue reading Alter Ego