Book Review


Book: Rekindled Author:  Tamera Alexander Pages:  334 Copyright:  2006 Genre:  Christian Fiction This book- wow.  First off, I love the cover and totally wish I could use it or something close to it for my new book.  I had a real hard start getting going on this book.  The prologue was great but I had… Continue reading Rekindled

For Fun

Wishing A Fictional Reality

My prompt is.... if I could meet a fictional character who would it be?  Really just one? To be clear-- I'm going for the original written character - not the person who portrays the character in the show. No doubt they have a way about them that becomes part of that character in your mind.… Continue reading Wishing A Fictional Reality


POST 10 months IC

This post seems fitting as this month is Interstitial Cystitis awareness month.  Most folks have never heard of the disease before. It affects mostly women but isn't limited to ladies. It does seem surreal that it's only been 10 months.  It actually seems a lot longer you know in cat year's kind'a thing. We could… Continue reading POST 10 months IC