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When I looked back to find a beginning, I had to drag out the very first book compiled with entries.  I began writing/blogging in a public realm on February 12, 2008.  I've had a writersversary.... just this month; or perhaps it is a blogiversary, that might be the better term.  I totally made both up… Continue reading Blogiversary

My BOOK · Wordless Wednesday

My Critic

I'm getting closer to having my book complete. Maco, our blind cat was more than happy to listen and critique.

For Fun

20 Things that make me Smile!

This one is lighthearted and full of gratitude, because sometimes you need a day to be thankful. We are so busy working and stressing sometimes we miss the delights in our life.   We are ALL so blessed, not just me- but YOU too.  What makes you smile?  What delights your soul? 1. My Goofy Hunny… Continue reading 20 Things that make me Smile!